Manufacturing formulating and supplying of epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone resins to the toolmaking and prototype industries.
ChemCo Systems Inc.
Manufactures a diverse selection of epoxy systems for use in construction applications. Provides both carbon and glass fiber composite systems.
Crosslink Technology, Inc.
Formulated epoxy and polyurethane compounds for use in casting, potting, encapsulating, adhesives, sealants and tooling applications.
Dow Chemical Company
Manufacture epoxy resin with the adhesion and durability of epoxies and flexibility and processability of thermoplastics.
E.Rühl AG & Co.
Manufacturer of polyester and epoxy systems for molding and repair.
Epolab Chemical Industries Inc.
Manufacturer of epoxy resins for electronic insulation, composite materials, adhesives, coatings, civil engineering, decoration.
Epoxy Systems Inc.
Formulators, suppliers of epoxy resins for chemical containment systems, seamless industrial flooring and other applications,
Fibre Glast Developments Corp.
Supplier epoxy resins, fiberglass, graphite, Kevlar, vacuum bagging materials and sandwich cores
Goldenwest Manufacturing Inc.
Supplies variety of plastic casting resins and epoxy materials used by designers, pattern makers, machinists and model makers.
J. Simmons Industries, Inc.
Packages and distributes chemical resistant epoxy resins, industrial polymer and OSHA approved epoxy VAT encapsulation products.
Jubail Chemical Industries Company
Manufacturer of the Araldite brand of epoxy resins in solid, liquid and solution grades.
Mechemco Industries
Manufacturers of unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and gel coat resins. Application area in FRP and castings.
Rapid Coat Inc
Polyethylene,epoxy and polyester powders for rotational moulding and coatings for wire, fabrics, and automotive carpets.
System Three Resins, Inc
Manufacture Epoxy resin systems for boatbuilders and industrial use. Also produce water reduceable polyurethane coatings. Includes technical and material safety data sheets in pdf format.
T. A. Davies Co.
Manufacturer of casting polyurethane and epoxy systems for a wide variety of structural and decorative applications. Custom formulation available.
Unique Polymer Systems
Offer a range of polymer epoxy products for the repair, coating, maintenance or protection of machinery, pumps, equipment, buildings and structures.
West System Epoxy
Provides epoxy resin and hardeners, dispensers, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications.
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