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Alliance for Polyurethanes Industry
Website on information regarding recycling of polyurethanes, environmental issues related to polyurethanes, and industry news.
Manufacturers of specialty compounds, ranging from PVC alloys to polyurethanes, styrenic-based and olefinic-based elastomers, polyurethane alloys and crosslinkable polyethylene.
Applied Urethane Technology Inc.
Manufacturer of custom urethane molds, castings, parts, wheels, gears, and bushings. Offers a variety of engineering services.
Systems and equipment for polyurethane cast elastomers. A true understanding of cast polyurethane process, a combination of skills to better serve the polyurethane cast elastomer industry.
Baxenden Chemicals
Polyurethane technology supplier, specializing in prepolymers, blocked isocyanates, polyurethane dispersions, hydrophilic polyurethanes, polyesters and polyvinylacetate copolymers. Overview of products and application areas. UK.
Cast and molded urethane products manufacturer including shapes, sheets, and custom molded products.
Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.
Polyurethanes, clear coatings, floor coatings, corrosion control coatings, roof leakage coatings, OE paints, aliphatic coatings, wall coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds, adhesives, and sealants.
Covi S.R.L.
Italian manufacturer of polyurethane products in a range of types, compact or foamed, flexible, semi-rigid or rigid,sheets or fibres.
ESCO Plastics Company
Quality cast Polyurethane products.
General Plastics Manufacturing
Provides custom foam and plastics product descriptions and technical specifications, with additional technical data sheets available.
Hapco Inc.
Manufactures and supplies high quality polymer alloy materials for liquid molding,potting encapsulating,mold making, casting, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, reliable dispensing equipment, and state of the art know-how.
International Polyurethane Systems, Inc.
Custom formulated polyurethanes which range from one-component moisture curing binders, to casting resins and spray coatings for equipment. 
Johnson Chemical Products Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of PU (polyurethane) elastomer, rod, sheet, block, roller, solid tire, washer, U-packing, dust seal, gasket, ball joint, belt, padding, small wheel, tubing, and profile blade.
Midas Pattern Company Ltd
Manufacturers of precision polyurethane mouldings, foundry patterns, engineering models and other engineering mouldings and castings.
Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufactures polyurethane raw materials including TDI, MDI, HDI, polyester, PU paints, adhesives, elastomers, coating etc.
Novotex Italiana,
Supplier of polyurethane resins, ancillary chemicals and pigment products for the artificial leather industry. Based in Milan, Italy.
Polyall 2000
Manufacturer of two-part polyurethane resins for the woodworking industry and industrial chemical products in high tech modern fillers.
Polyurethane Molding Inc
Offering polyurethane molding and reaction injection molded ( RIM ) enclosures.
Precision Urethane & Machine, Inc.
Cast urethane and stock urethane products manufacturer including rollers, sheets, tubes, pads, bushings, rings, sheets, pipeline products, seals, rods, liners, diaphragms.
Prime Resins
Manufactures polyurethane grout products to stop leaks and fill underground voids made as a solid foam or a flexible gel. Specializing in concrete repairs.
Quimica Pumex, SA
Mexican manufacturer of polyol and resin for spray and pour polyurethane foam applications including spray foams, coatings and sells equipment and trains foamers.
Tandem Products - Northstar Polymers
Produces polyurethane resins for spray-coating, concrete mold-making, and gel material. Custom formulation available.
Strong and high damping polyurethane with resiliancy characteristics of rubber, but with better wear resistance, tear resistance, rigidity and elasticity.
Union Chemicals Corporations
Manufacturer of polyurethane resin and polyesterpolyol to the synthetic leather and shoe sole manufacturers in the Korean domestic and overseas market.
Urethane Technology Company, Inc.
Manufactures urethane foam and elastomer resin systems for industrial and consumer product manufacturers and contractors.
WP Notcutt Ltd.
Polyurethane and rubber pourable casting compounds for resin casters, moulders and the restoration profession.
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