Professional Straw Bale builders and associations, plans, and resources. DEFINITION (Sustainable Building Sourcebook): Straw bale construction uses baled straw from wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice and others in walls covered by stucco. Straw bales are traditionally a waste product which farmers do not till under the soil, but do sell as animal bedding or landscape supply due to their durable nature. In many areas, it is also burned, causing severe air quality problems. Straw is the dry plant material or stalk left in the field after a plant has matured, been harvested for seed, and is no longer alive. Hay bales are made from short species of livestock feed grass that is green/alive and are not suitable for this application. Hay is also typically twice the price of straw.
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Bale on Bale Construction
Straw bale design and construction company in Buffalo, NY. Also providing natural building construction consulting and management, and workshops.
Biotique Habitat
European consultants for straw bale buildings and other uses of plant fibers. Includes information on straw bale construction in France.
Building With Awareness
Featuring information on straw bale and adobe house design, how-to video, alternative and green building materials, construction techniques, rainwater cisterns, earth plaster, rubble trench foundations, photovoltaics, and passive solar.
California Straw Building Association
A non-profit clearinghouse of straw building information.
Camel's Back Construction
Straw bale builders and plasterers based in Ontario Canada. Authors of "Straw Bale Building" and "Straw Bale Details". Also present training workshops and provide consulting services. Includes a list of resources.
Chug's World of Strawbale Building
An information site on the construction of buildings using straw bales. Includes a database of strawbale buildings, builders, designers, courses and suppliers in the UK.
Cullen Construction
General contractor specializing in green building techniques including straw bale homes, provides online case studies.
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Supporting the development and use of sustainable approaches to meeting human and ecological needs through the appropriate use of technology.
DSA Architects
Straw bale research and testing, and has contributed important structural and detailing elements to the evolving straw bale vernacular.
Earth and Straw Design
An open discussion forum for anyone interested in straw bale construction.
Award winning straw bale homes designed by professional architect students.
Huff n Puff Constructions
Specialist straw bale building company in Australia. Includes workshops and environmental information.
IronStraw Group
A 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to helping people build affordable environmentally friendly strawbale homes.
The Last Straw
This reader-written journal of straw-bale and natural building provides information on construction techniques, projects, research/testing/code issues, and resources.
Longhay Ltd
Suppliers of straw bales for house building and other projects throughout the UK and some overseas markets.
Paso Straw Bale Construction Blog
The story of building a straw bale home in Paso Robles, California.
Semmes & Co. Builders
Licensed contractors specializing in sustainable building construction in San Luis Obispo, Southern Monterey and Northern Santa Barbara counties with experience in straw bale construction, insulated concrete forms, and alternative energy systems.
Skillful Means
Information about straw bale and sustainable building practices from an experienced architecture and construction firm.
Straw Bale Innovations
Provides information on straw bale construction and design for the owner/builder, contractor, and designer. How-to DVDs for sale, list of useful tools, and articles about designing and working with building officials. Free newsletter.
Sustainable Sources: Straw Bale Construction
Gives a definition, considerations, commercial status, implementation issues, guidelines, lists of contractors and suppliers, publications and links.
Unicorn Architecture & Consctruction
Environmental friendly strawbale building firm in Victoria, Australia.
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