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Advanced Lightning Technology
Manufacturers of grounding and lightning protection equipment.
Advanced Protection Technologies
Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) for OEM private labeling and the new construction market.
Ahoku Electronic Company
Manufacturer of surge protectors, emi/rfi filters, travel converters, and fiber optic communication components.
Citel, Inc.
Manufacturer of surge protection equipment suppressors for AC power lines, datacom and telephone equipment. Surge arrester gas tubes protect against lightning surges and electrical transients.
Comm-Omni International
Lightning and transient surge protection products, filters and technical information including grounding. Free applications consulting.
Delta Lightning Arrestors
Some good information on lightning arrestors.
Ditek Corp.
Manufacturing surge protectors with on line catalog and shopping cart.
General Telecom, Inc.
Manufacturer of grounding equipment and wire screen partitions for the telecommunications industry.
Harger Lightning Protection
Full line supplier of lightning protection and grounding equipment for the communications and electrical industries.
Heary Bros. Lightning Protection Company
Engineers, designers and manufacturers of lightning protection systems for buildings, factories and homes worldwide.
Intermatic Inc.
Offering surge protection equipment.
ITW Linx
Manufacturer of power and lightning surge protectors, plus engineering and manufacturing of custom, modular surge protectors for AC, telecom, data and wireless applications.
Kitagawa Electronics Pte Ltd
Manufacture a range of EMI/RFI suppressors, ferrites, shielding materials and electronic components.
Kumwell Lightning Technology
Manufactures lightning protection, grounding systems, exothermic welding, electrical connections and grounding.
Lightning Experts
Provides static, surge and lightning protection for towers and high voltage applications.
Lightning Prevention Systems, Inc.
Manufacture and install static dissipation systems: grounding, surge protectors, and site inspections. Lightning protection for homes, buildings, towers, factories, petro facilities, and boats. Includes educational lightning
Lightning Rod Parts
Offers lightning protection equipment, surge arrestor and rods for self installation.
Magney Grande Distribution
Specializing in transient voltage surge suppression, power quality, and engineering consultation for naval shipboard, air station, oil production and drilling, and general industrial applications.
Maida Development Company
Manufacturers of zinc oxide varistors, multi-layer varistors, PTC and NTC thermisitors, and ceramic disk capacitors.
Meter-Treater, Inc.
Manufacturer provides details of products and applications.
MTL Surge Technologies
Manufacturers of industrial surge protection for networks, wireless, tvss and home entertainment.
NexTek, Inc.
Produces coaxial surge suppressors in N, 7-16 and other connectors. Frequencies to 18.0 GHz for 802.11 for telecom, commercial and military. Gas tube, quarter-wave and bias T products.
Designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products.
Manufactures specialized and high-tech lightning arrestors for power lines and antennas. Many downloadable PDF information sheets on protection and safety.
Prolect Enterprise
Supplies equipment to protect electronic system and equipment against transient overvoltages. Product photos and descriptions. Based in Singapore.
Psytronics, Inc.
Specialist in transient voltage surge suppressors, surge protectors and uninterruptable power supplies.
PT Aman Berkah Sejahtera
Providing lightning protection equipment.
Sankosha Corporation
Manufacturer of gas discharge tubes for surge protection with an online catalog of these protectors.
Manufacture of surge, lightning and voltage protection.
Stormin Protection Products, Inc.
Surge suppression for electrical panels from 240 single phase to 480 three phase.
Powerline surge suppressors, 110 and 220 v service models up to 20 amps.
Ta Wei Electric Works Co., Ltd.
Taiwan manufacturer of lightning arrester, isolators, armored rods, and grips for power distribution and transmission systems.
Thor Lightning Protection Ltd
Design, installation and testing of lightning and earthing systems.
Transtector Systems
Manufacturer of surge protectors. Product datasheets in PDF.
W.J. Furse and Co. Ltd.
Lightning protection products.
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