Listing tea sellers and suppliers and that don't sell online as well as sites that concern themselves mainly with and serve the tea industry; supplies, wholesalers and trade associations, for example.
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Akbar Brothers Ltd.
Exporter and packer of Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, teabags, and gift packs. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
Alexanders Gourmet Tea
Importer and manufacturer specializing in black, green, and herbal tea products for the gourmet food trade, Organic and Kosher certified tea available also.
Asian Tea & Exports Ltd.
Manufacturers, processors, packagers, and exporters of Indian black and green teas, with gardens in Darjeeling. Offices located in Calcutta.
Barry's Tea
Blends include gold, green and classic and the speciality teas incorporating earl grey, Irish breakfast and decaffeinated.
Battler Tea
exporter of pure Ceylon tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
Bubble Tea Supply Australia
Offers bubble tea supplies.
Cape Natural Tea Products
Specializing in sourcing Rooibos and Honeybush tea as well as offering a range of single and blended teas in retail packaging.
Ceylon Black Tea Company
Exporters of black tea in bulk, tea packs and tea bags for brands or private labels.
Ceylon Tea Exotica
Exporter of pure Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, bags, and gift packs. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
Chakratea (PT
Indonesian producer, blender, manufacturer, trader and exporter of green tea, black tea, and sencha/Japan tea.
Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Produces, exports and markets Darjeeling tea. Includes a company profile, information about the gardens and a photo gallery. West Bengal, India.
China FML Tea Trading Co.,Ltd.
Chinese exporter of green, black, Oolong, white, and flavored tea, products in bulk, packet and teabags.
China Mist Tea Company
Supplier of fine iced and hot teas for the foodservice industry.
Choice Organic Teas
From cultivation, handling and packaging, these teas are inspected to insure organic integrity. Fair Trade certified.
Clipper Teas Ltd Official Site
Ethical tea company specialising in organic and fairtrade teas and coffees without exploitation to people and planet.
Coetzee & Coetzee (Pty) Ltd.
Exporters of South African Rooibos and Honeybush teas.
Crescent International (Pvt) Ltd
Exporter of Ceylon Black and Green tea in bulk, tea packs and tea bags for brands or private labels
D.C.Ghose & Co (A) Pvt. Ltd.
India. Blender, packer and exporter of blended teas and tea bags. Includes the company's profile and history.
Damron Corporation
Makers of Harvest Delight Tea and private label tea products for commercial foodservice and retail distribution.
Specialized in sales of tea packaging machine. Main office in Cologne, Germany.
Expolanka Teas (Pvt) Ltd
Ceylon tea in bulk, loose-leaf, and tea bag forms. Office located in Sri Lanka.
FETCO Corporation
Equipment for brewing and serving hot and iced tea. Dispensers, brewers, filters. Office in US.
Fine Thai Teas
Producer of certified organic high mountain oolong tea and non-organic tea. Includes product descriptions and characteristics, photos, a company profile, and certification details. Located in Bangkok, Thailand.
Finlay Tea Solutions US Inc.
Producers and suppliers of tea, tea mixes, and breakfast drinks. Provides custom blending and packaging. Morristown, New Jersey, USA.
Planting, production, and manufacture of bulk, bagged, instant, decaf, and freeze-dried teas. Office in London.
Future Generation Co. Ltd
Specializes in processing and export Vietnam tea.
Fuze Beverage
Makers of nutraceutical beverages and energy drinks. Includes health tips, product and company information, and location finder, by state.
GE Barbours Inc.
Canadian producers of branded tea products and other food items. Company profile and product details.
Girnar Group
Manufacturers and exporters of tea and gourmet coffee. Product and contact details.
Global Tea Ltd.
Manufactures and exporters of bubble tea materials.
GmbH i. Gr.
Unbleached, biodegradable filters in several sizes. Offices in Hannover, Germany.
Gokul International
Producers of herbal tea products, and other herb and spice items. Company profile and contact details.
Offers branded tea products from Sri Lanka. Company profile, product details, and distributor list.
Haelssen and Lyon
German manufacturer of tea products. Ships worldwide. Company profile, products and services.
Harney & Sons Tea
Blenders of premium tea with selection of black, green, and oolong teas, tea pots and accessories, iced, fruit, herbal and organic teas. Tea room consulting service.
Harris Tea Company
A worldwide network for sourcing tea. Offers tea manufacturing and private label programs for foodservice and retail.
Honest Tea
Bottled iced tea in black, green, and herbal blends, freshly brewed and barely sweetened.
House of Tea Tang
Ceylon tea -- plain and flavoured -- in loose or bag form, with many packaging options. Also manufacture of tea accessories and gifts using indigenous materials and techniques. Office located in Sri Lanka.
Imperial Teas (Pvt) Limited
Exporter and packer of Ceylon teas in packets, bulk, and teabags. Fine and flavoured teas. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
Indian Yellow Pages: Tea
Listing of tea exporters in India.
Infusion GB
Provides tea and herbal drink packaging service. Based in UK.
JFK International
A Government of India recognised export house. They export tea, coffee, spices and other commodities.
Jing Tea Ltd.
Imports a variety of teas and tea wares from China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. London, England.
Offers a large variety of rare Chinese teas. Company profile, product details, tea ceremony photos, and contact details.
Wholesaler of Japanese green tea. Company profile and product details. Tokyo, Japan.
Kas & Kami International
Sri Lanka Tea Board approved exporter of Pure Ceylon Tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
Kayan Agro Industries & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and packager of CTC and Orthodox teas. Located in West Bengal, India.
Koala Tea Company
Organic herbal and flavoured tisanes distributed worldwide. Offices located in NSW Australia.
Leika Tea
Leika Tea specialises in developing infusion products (tea, coffee and herbals). Offices located in Montreal. Site in English and French.
Leros Herbal Teas
Single herb and special formula teas for health and specific remedies. Company profile, product and contact information.
Limtex Limited
Producer-exporter of Indian tea.
Producers of tea products for the international market. Products, recipes, history of tea and lifestyle tips.
Lochan Tea
From cultivation to consumption in India.
Metropolitan Tea Company
Loose and packaged teas. Teapots, infusers, and accessories, packaging supplies. Offices located in Toronto.
Nagata Chaen
Certified organically-grown Japanese green teas. Office located in Japan.
Nathmull's Tea Exports International
Wholesalers, distributors, and exporters of tea. India.
neptune Group of Companies
Tea in bulk, loose-leaf, and teabag forms. Offices in Sri Lanka.
Organic India
Offers Tulsi tea, herbal health supplements, bulk herbs and natural foods, integrating Ayurveda with modern science. Products are 100% vegetarian and naturally produced.
Premier's Tea Limited
Producers of black and green Indian teas supplied in a variety of packages.
Pu-erh Tea Company
Supplier of finest pu-erh tea, including pu-erh special tea, green tea, black tea. Company located in Yunnan, China.
Ranfer Group
Exporter of Ceylon tea.
Revolution Tea Company
Loose leaf flavoured blends combining teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings. Brewing equipment for hot and iced teas. Marketing and customer support.
Robert Wilson Ceylon Tea
Suppliers of bulk and packaged Ceylon teas from selected estates. Offices located in Somerset UK and Sri Lanka.
Rooibos Limited
Rooibos Tea the Nectar of Nature. A unique beverage from the Western Cape, South Africa.
SNA Tea Company
SNA Tea Company is a private label tea packer in North America with an organic tea garden and modern tea packaging facilities in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
Sosro Fruit Tea
Indonesian producers of bottled jasmine and fruit flavored teas, as well as tea bags. Company history and product details.
Sri Lanka Tea Board
Official home for Ceylon tea. Information about tea leaves, sales and marketing world wide, news of tea prices and tips.
Speciality tea company, focused on herbal teas, sold primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Virtual tea plantation tour, tea FAQ, corporate information, and online retail sales.
Sunny BioDiscovery
Small biotech company offering a full line of Eight Treasures Whole Fruit Teas to fund its anti-cancer and wound-healing research.
Bottled and packaged teas.
The Tea Association of the USA
Assisting the tea industry with wholesale and retail needs.
Tea Emporium
Offers a variety of Darjeeling teas from India. Company profile, product information including tea processing and harvesting, and contact details.
Offers products from the Red River Tea Company, including fresh brewed, fountain, and Chai teas.
Tetley Canada
Corporate site for tea retailer. Products, offers, contests and contact information.
Tetley USA
A full line of Tetley hot and iced black teas for consumer, food service, and private label buyers.
Thai Tea Suwirun
Grows and produces a variety of teas. Includes product information, tea making instructions, and benefits. Located in Chiangrai, Thailand.
Third Street Chai
Offers a chai recipe using only the finest all-natural ingredients: select-cut black tea, natural sugar, and imported cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves and other exotic spices.
Trans-Herb Inc
Offers more than 20 years of expertise in formulating and conditioning herbal, flavored and medicinal teas.
Supplier of a wide variety of bulk teas. Product and contact details.
Informational resource and on-line shop for a variety of Pu-erh tea including Tuocha, Beeng Cha and Zhuan Cha in cakes, bricks and loose leaf. Litongyuan Trading Co., Ltd.
Twinings Tea
Corporate site for UK-based tea distributor and retailer, founded in 1706. History, health information, index of teas, and localized information.
Van Rees
International suppliers and processors of tea.
Victorian Finest Teas
Producer and exporter of Ceylon black tea and green tea in bulk, packets, gift packs and tea bags.
Wagh Bakri Tea Group
Features organic and Darjeeling Tea from India.
Supplier of a variety of Chinese tea and coffee products. Product information and contact details.

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