This subcategory indexes sites put together by companies and individuals concerned with the manufacture, distribution, and servicing of heat exchanging equipment. In somewhat oversimplified terms, the intention of this equipment is to transfer heat from one surface, component, machine, or source to another, for the purpose of heating or cooling either one of them. Note: To a limited degree, some additional heat exchanger sites are included in the Furnaces_Ovens_Kilns category. Their existence is justified by the companies involved having a main focus on heat creation but a sufficiently important ancillary interest in its exchange/transfer/disposal.
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Aes Services Limited
Manufacture, design and repair of air cooled heat exchangers for the petrochemical and allied industries.
Air Radiators
Australia. Manufacture and design of industrial radiators. Products include horizontal coolers, vertical coolers, pin fin, oil coolers and air movement products.
Manufactures air-cooled heat exchangers for natural gas and compression industries and wide range of manufacturing applications. Site includes descriptions of available models together with details of operating features and design advantages.
Allards International
Scotland. Design and manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers, associated pressure vessels and skid mounted packages.
Allied Heat Transfer International
Australia. Alliance of companies manufacturing, servicing, and maintaining broad range of heat transfer equipment. Examples include heat exchangers, radiators, air/oil coolers, fans, and cooling towers.
Ameridex Plate Exchangers
Ameridex manufactures plate and frame heat exchangers, plate exchangers, brazed exchangers and specialized heat exchangers. Site includes product descriptions and applications.
Ametek Inc.
Designs and manufacturers plate-fin heat exchangers, cold plates, condensers, evaporators, and other heat transfer products for aircraft, military vehicles, and other fuel cell power systems.
Anteus Mob
Sales agent for pressure equipment for chemical industry and electric power plants. Products include heat exchangers, vessels and reactors, and storage tanks.
API Heat Transfer.
Manufactures wide range of heat exchangers, with applications for most industries. Site includes details of products, examples of common applications, and access to underlying technical information.
Atlas Industrial Mfg. Co
Specializes in design and manufacture of custom built heat exchangers for variety of processing industries. Site includes photo gallery of sample products and describes range of manufacturing capabilities.
Turkey. Design and manufacture of chillers, air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers. Industries served include plastics, rubber, chemical and metal processing, and pharmaceutical.
C.J. Mulanix Company
Manufacturers representative for industrial heat exchangers, process heating equipment and control systems. Service includes refurbishing all makes and models of heat exchangers and skids.
Calhex Industries Ltd.
Canada Design, fabrication and repair of industrial heat transfer equipment. Custom designed shell and tube exchangers and air cooled heat exchangers per customer specifications.
Chintamani Thermal technologies Pvt Ltd.
Manufactures heat exchangers, radiators, fintubes, oil coolers, and air conditioner evaporator and condenser coils.
Cleveland Tube
UK. Re-tubing, repair and cleaning of heat exchangers for the utility, refinery, marine, naval and petrochemical industries.
Daniel Radiator & Heat Exchanger Co. Ltd.
Service company specializing in repairs, rebuilds, retubing, cleaning, and inspection of commercial and industrial heat exchangers. Units handled include plate and frame, shell and tube, and fin fan types.
Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc.
Design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment. Products include shell and tube, plate and frame exchangers, heating and cooling coils, tankless coils, oil preheaters, water heaters and tube bundles.
Fabricates metal tube sheets for heat exchangers used in a variety of high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive chemical processes, such as processing crude oil in the petrochemical industry and processing chemicals used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers. (Nasdaq: BOOM).
E.J. Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd.
UK. Manufactures broad range of plate and shell and tube heat exchangers and a variety of oil coolers. Applications include marine, oil hydraulic, mining, and waste recovery industries. Site provides detailed product information.
Emmppe Associates Coimbatore India
India. Manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers, panel coolers, and water panel cooling heat exchangers
Energy Transfer Inc.
Manufacturer of finned tubing and specialty heat exchangers. Includes finned tubing descriptions for edge tension, soldered, L-footed, embedded and brazed finned tubing.
Enerquip, Inc.
Manufacturer of sanitary heat exchangers for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industry. Includes industrial heat exchangers for non-sanitary applications.
Enginemates Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufactures broad range of standard and custom designed air cooled heat exchangers and radiators. Applications include hydraulic, fluid coupling, and quenching process requirements.
The Netherlands. Develops energy saving products to prototype stage. Site has information about low-temp heating, energy storage, and heat pump technology.
Fluid Engineering & Co.
Representes heat transfer products from Gaumer, API Basco, API Schmidt-Bretten, API Ketema Inc and API Airtech.
Fox Heat Exchangers
UK. Specializes in retubing of shell and tube evaporators and condensers, as well as supply and installation of replacement condenser, heating, and cooling coils. Mainly serves the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.
Gallay Limited
Gallay Limited are leaders in the design and manufacture of engine cooling, air conditioning and heating systems for a wide range of vehicles and static applications.
The Greenbox Company (Europe) Limited
UK. Manufactures selection of specially developed plastic plate heat exchangers and volume control dampers. Site provides detailed preoduct and application information.
H. Ertel, Inc.
Distributes diversified range of products for power generation, marine, and process industries. Includes heat exchangers, cooling equipment, engine exhaust and noise attenuation units, transfer switches, and transmission components.
HANOL Technology Inc.
Korea. Specializes in design of heat exchangers and heat transfer equipment. Includes questions and answers section and descriptions of various type of heat exchangers.
Hastings HVAC
Family owned and operated manufacturing company which builds commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air conditioning and air moving equipment.
Heat Exchange Applied Technology
Manufactures broad range of finned tubing and heat exchangers. Applications include power plants, refineries, chemical, petrochemical, food, pulp and paper, and aerospace industries.
Heat Exchangers Online
Canada. Distributor of brazed and shell and tube heat exchangers. Industries served include chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food and beverages, power and HVAC.
Heat Transfer Research & Development, Ltd.
Provides technical consulting and development services related to heat transfer for manufacturers of heat exchangers, air-conditioning coils, and appliances. Can also supply selection of thermal equipment components.
Heat Transfer Systems Inc.
Designs and manufactures broad range of thermal processing products. Includes heat exchangers, heat recovery boilers, and waste heat recovery units. Service include repairs, replacements, and modifications of existing equipment.
HeatExchangers SouthWest Ltd.
UK. Manufactures and services broad range of heating and cooling equipment and components, especially for the marine and petrochemical industries. Services include onboard and onsite repairs, as well as cleaning, overhaul, and retubing.
Offers spares and accessories for various brands of plate heat exchangers. Includes links to lists and details of parts available from each manufacturer.
Korea. Specializes in design of heat transfer equipment and related systems, including heat exchangers, heat recovery steam generators, waste heat boilers, economizers, condensers, heaters, and coolers.
Heseco Heat Exchanger Sales and Engineering Co., LLC
Manufacturer's representative for industrial duty heat transfer equipment and pollution control equipment.
Hexeco, Inc.
Designs and manufactures immersion-style bearing oil cooler heat exchangers for industrial generators and motors. Hexchanger service available for repair or refurbishment.
Hindustan Radiators & Heat Exchangers (P) Ltd.
India. Manufactures broad range of heat transfer equipment. Includes automotive and industrial radiators, air cooled and shell and tube heat exchangers, finned heat exchanger tubes, oil coolers, and waste energy recovery units.
Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers Inc.
Designs and builds shell and tube heat exchangers, primarily for the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. Gallery and company background included.
Specializes in manufacture of closed loop industrial cooling systems, designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Also offers cleaning, repair, rebuilding, and replacement of existing heat exchangers.
IBS s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures heat exchangers and radiators in oil/air, water/oil, water/air, and air/air configurations. Applications include earth moving equipment, cranes, trains, buses, ship generators, and oil pressure stations.
Isotherm Inc.
Manufactures broad range of heat transfer equipment for refrigeration, marine, and industrial process applications. Includes shell and tube, plate and frame, and shell and plate heat exchangers, as well as chillers and oil coolers.
JFD Tube & Coil Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of heat transfer products. Includes shell and tube heat exchangers, new and replacement tube bundles, pipe and tube coils, fin coils, tanks and weldments. Photo gallery of products and parts.
Jostek Group
Australia. Specializes in sales, repair, and maintenance of heat exchangers, as well as supply of chemicals to ensure operating safety and efficiency. Site provides detailed information regarding available products and services.
L&M Radiator Inc.
Full service manufacturers of flexible core heat exchangers, designed for heavy duty cooling and heating applications. Products include engine radiators, oil and charge air coolers, and tube and shell models.
Mahan's Thermal Products Inc.
Designs, sells, and repairs heat exchangers. Includes shell and tube, plate and frame, brazed or welded plate, air cooled, and spiral models.
Niagara Blower Company
Manufacturer of industrial heat transfer and refrigeration equipment. Products include wet surface air cooled heat exchangers and no-frost refrigeration and dehumidification products.
Ohman Descaling Services
Chemical cleaning service to remove deposits from internal passages of piping equipment and heat exchangers. Site includes detailed information on the cleaning process.
Italy. Manufactures range of heat exchangers and related equipment. Includes shell and tube evaporators, condensers, oil coolers and separators, and liquid receiver units. Site incorporates basic product information and provides access to downloadable detailed catalogues.
Opti Temp Inc.,
A manufacturer of process heat transfer equipment for the semi-conducting, laser and plastics industries with zero to full load temperature control.
Plough Engineering Services Ltd
UK. Specializes in design, redesign, refurbishment, and service of plate heat exchangers. Can also supply spare parts and new units. Site includes details of available products and maintenance programs.
Pro-Equip Inc.
Distributes broad range of heat exchangers. Includes brazed, plate, shell and tube, and spiral models, available in standard and custom configurations. Also sells parts and provides reconditioning services.
Process-Power Inc
Specializes in repair and maintenance of most brands of plate and frame heat exchangers. Services include cleaning, leak testing, and regasketing.
ProTherm Engineering Company
Specializes in manufacture of thermocoil heat exchangers for processing viscous and particulate products. Applications include food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Site provides detailed product information.
QDT- Waermerohrtauscher
German site manufactures specially designed heatpipe exchangers for wide range of commercial, institutional, and industrial heating and cooling requirements. Site provides detailed explanation of products and underlying technology.
R. W. Holland Inc.
Manufactures line and suction heaters, tank heating coils, and hairpin and pipe size shell and tube exchangers. Site incorporates detailed descriptions, diagrams, and specifications of available products.
Romania Manufacturer of aluminum brazed heat exchangers for the automotive industry and industrial applications. Site includes product descriptions and applications.
Robinson Fin Machines, Inc.
Produces custom folded fins for heat transfer applications in various industries. Overview of products and specifications, as well as EDM capabilities. Kenton, Ohio.
S. G. Enterprises
India. Manufacturer of heat exchangers, condensers, reboilers, process equipment, and coils. Materials of construction include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, nickel, monel, copper.
SEC Heat Exchangers
Canada. Manufactures brazed plate, plate and frame, and shell and tube heat exchangers for variety of commercial, industrial, and processing applications. Site provides access to downloadable technical and product catalogs.
Sentry Equipment Corporation
Helical coil, tube-in-tube and spiral tube exchangers for sample cooling and other low flow severe duty heat transfer. Sanitary and fully drainable capabilities.
SME Associates LLC
Representatives for several manufacturers of industrial heat exchangers and associated processing equipment. Site includes links to manufacturer sites and detailed product information.
Sondex (UK) Ltd
Design and manufacture a wide range of plate heat exchangers for industrial, food, beverage, refrigeration, and marine requirements.
SWEP Reheat AB
Sweden. Manufactures broad range of heat exchangers. Includes brazed and gasketed plate versions, as well as welded models and heating stations. Site provides detailed explanation of heat exchanger types and technology.
Taehwa Engineering Co.
Korea. Manufactures broad range of heat exchangers. Includes finned tube, gasketed plate, shell and tube, and spiral models. Also offers recuperators and deaeroators.
Techno System
Italy - Design and manufacture of plate heat exchangers, district heating, centralized heating modules, swimming pool water heating modules, hot domestic water modules.
Thermal Products Inc.
Manufacturers representatives for a wide variety of heat exchangers and industrial products. Site includes product information and photos.
Tranter Inc.
Manufactures plate and frame, immersion, gasketed, and all-welded plate-type heat exchangers. Additional line comprises transformer radiators and valves. Site includes downloadable product and application information.
UK Exchangers Ltd
Design and manufacture of a wide range of heat exchangers for industrial, food, dairy, hygienic, refrigeration, HVAC and marine applications.
Unity Tube, Inc.
Manufactures finned tubing and finned pipe for heat exchanger applications.
Valmex S.p.a.
Italy. Specializes in manufacture of primary and bi-thermal copper heat exchangers for use with wall-mounted gas fired boilers. Site describes purpose and manufacturing process and incorporates data sheets of available models.
Valutech Inc.
Distributors to a variety of industries for equipment such as heat exchangers, valves, heaters and coolers. Markham, Ontario.
Villa & Bonaldi
Italy. Manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers for oil and gas processing, petrochemical, power generation plants and related industries. Site contains information on manufacturing facilities and a photo gallery.
WCR Incorporated
Aftermarket supplier of heat exchanger plates, gaskets, and other parts. Services include inspection, cleaning, regasketing, replacement parts, frame reconditioning, and special exchange program.

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