Quantitative approach toward investing, primarily in the stock market, using numeric screens to isolate specific variables and relationships.
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Arbor Investment Planner
Investment planning and asset allocation strategies for investors who choose self directed investing.
Backtest Broker
Backtesting of trading and investment strategies aimed at the US investor.
Barrie and Hibbert
Provider of market risk management models and consultancy advice to financial institutions (large life offices, re-insurers and pension funds) across the UK and Europe.
Behavioural Finance
Compilation of academic papers on various models.
Bespoke Investment Group
Money management and research firm that provides regular insights (often with a quantitative bent) into financial markets. Premium subscription product offers model portfolios, screening and scoring tools, and in-depth strategy pieces.
Cohne Investment Group
Quantitative investment research firm that ranks ETFs, Mutual Funds and Stocks for the purpose of building model portfolios for individual investors and developing trading systems for active traders.
Provides an objective, third-party review of trading strategies to help visitors find a trading system suitable to their investment criteria.
Crystal Bull
Stock market timing model based on economic indicators and models.
CSS Analytics
Research firm that develops quantitative trading strategies primarily for the NASDAQ.
Empirasign Strategies
Provides free and subscription based trading models for use on equities, interest rate, and FOREX markets.
The Gleason Report
The use of market timing models for stocks, bonds and gold reduces risk when combined with balanced asset allocation.
Haugen Custom Financial Systems
Provides quantitative investment software which creates stock alphas or equity signals from an expected return factor model.
HIP Investor
Creator of a unique financial index and investment research model that aims to demonstrate that positive human, social and environmental results can lead to higher profit.
Interactive Portfolio, LLC.
Investment research firm that publishes model portfolios and investment strategies for institution and individual investors.
Invest Spy
Advanced portfolio management tools. Correlations, risk contributions, volatility, beta and value at risk.
Investment Models, Inc.
Specializes in stock market timing for mutual funds, using technical analysis timing models.
Ipo Boutique
A resource for U.S. initial public offerings (IPOs). Publishes analysis, ratings and research for each company.
Meb Faber Research
Investment manager Mebane Faber's research papers, book and blog dedicated to quantitative investment research and strategies.
Optimal Momentum
Momentum investing research site featuring Gary Antonacci's research papers.
Options Slam
Provides members with a list of recommended stocks to trade using options straddle.
Oxford Capital Strategies
A proprietary research firm that develops systematic strategies for futures, equities, ETFs, and cash markets.
Offers quantitative tools to back-test trading systems and to automatically create and manage stock portfolios. Ranking Systems can be created using fundamental and technical factors.
Preferred Stock Investing
Provides research, a newsletter and a paid book for stock investors that use a mechanical screen to locate shares to invest in.
Sector Timing Report
Market timing newsletter using an upgrading process analysis and sector rotation for investment timing of ETFs.
Turnkey Analyst
Provides asset allocation recommendations that mirror strategies used by institutions.
Value Signlas
Online stock screener software (EU,UK ,USA) to select undervalued stocks based on value investing principles.
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