"A Resources directory is analogous to the Reference Room of a library." ie. resources which are of use to Small Business owners.
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All Business
Collection of articles with advice for small business owners, as well as a selection of common forms for sale.
An international business and webmaster community forum.
New business startup help. Free information about starting, growing and managing a business.
Business Know-How
Information for home offices, small businesses, and the self employed who are looking for ideas for practical suggestions to start, run, or manage their business more effectively.
Business Sale Center
Information, advice and resources for selling a small business.
Offers a place for businesses and contractors to give feedback and warn each other about hard please customers in their area. One year membership required.
Home Business Development Center
References and materials for those establishing a small/home business
Idea Cafe
Ideas and advice on how to start, finance and run a small business.
Integrated SBIR information, analyses, professional services and community support
J-M & Associates
Services, networking and resources for Business and Creative Entrepreneurs.
Jim Blasingame : The Small Business Advocate
A free community of experts and entrepreneurs to help small business owners find ideas, answers, encouragement and inspiration. Articles, surveys and Audio/Visual content are also available.
Service that helps you to write ADA-compliant job descriptions, create and publish job ads to newspapers and the Internet, and prepare a list of key interview questions. Examples on site.
Bi-weekly online resource that offers the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources.
More For Small Business
Provides small business owners with info on selling, managing, planning, strategy and community development. Includes basic plans, strategies and checklists to simplify workload.
My PrimeTime Work
Small business tips and entrepreneur tools for work and life.
OPEN Forum
Insights from experts for business owners. Brought to you by American Express OPEN.
Peak Performance Consulting Group
Complete customer relationship management resource: strategic planning, marketing strategy, distribution strategy, sales management automation.
Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc.
Employee benefit program development service.
Profile Index
A free B2B marketplace for global manufacturers, exporters, importers, and distributors.
Small Biz Labs
List of articles and discussions that forecasts future of small business by looking at social, demographic, business and technology trends.
Small Biz Rocks
Provides resources for college students who are learning about small businesses or who want to start a small business.
Small Business Assistance Center
Financial, consultants, seminars, information and health insurance benefits networks, and wireless/long distance telephone services related to small business.
Small Business Brief
Providing resources, articles, current news, a software directory and a small business ideas forum. Additionally offers a free weekly newsletter.
The Small Business Company
Information, training and resources for small business people in and around New Zealand.
Small Business Resources
A site written by and for entrepreneurs who share their first-hand knowledge of how to succeed in small business. Free, helpful advice from small business and Internet experts.
Small Business Town
Free online small business information and planning guides, classifieds, directory of business links, free business software and shareware, business cartoons, humor, success stories and quotes.
A non-profit applied lab helping solo entrepreneurs and working families in rural and distressed urban communities seeking sustainable participation in the Network Economy.
Start In Business
An online guide to starting up and expanding your business. Business for sale finder, premises finder, information services and advice.
Information site and large database of resources for small businesses. [In French and English]

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