This category is for equipment used within the wireless communications industry. It is for manufacturers, suppliers, and those companies which provide a range of services related to wireless equipment. The category has been divided into a number of sub categories and submitters are asked to take the time to review the structure before placing their submissions. Primarily the content of this category covers B2B sites. If your site is designed to sell directly to the consumer market your site should be placed in the Shopping category. We also have a category for amateur radio enthusiasts. This can be found here: Amateur Radio In addition there are a number of related subjects. Links to these categories can be found in the related categories section appended to the main category and its sub categories.
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Airwave Technologies Inc.
Taiwanese manufacturer of RF modules for use in domestic wireless applications including baby alarms, video streaming and home surveillance. Product details and exhibition program.
Alloyant Technologies
Supplier of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access systems.
Alpha-Omega Communications
Distributor and integrator of first and last mile solutions for broadband wireless data, voice and video applications.
Supplies integrated broadband wireless point-to-multipoint access solutions to telecom carriers, service providers and enterprises . Features investors information, an education centre and career opportunities.
Andrew Corporation
Supplier of communications systems and services. Markets include cellular, personal communications services, land mobile radio, and broadcast . Product catalog, pricing and documentation centre .
Angle Linear
Manufacture of preamplifiers, receiver front end filtering and receiver multi-couplers, principally up to 2.5 GHz.
Offers services and products which include radio communication, digital cartography, electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring.
AudioCodes Ltd.
Designs, develops and sells advanced VoIP and data networking products and communications applications for service providers and enterprises.
Bentek Systems
Manufacture of industrial wireless SCADA and telemetry solutions.
Besco Internacional
AM - FM used broadcast transmitters for sale. Dallas, Texas
Bm Elettronica SRL
Supplier of solid state transmitters, repeaters and related equipment primarily for the broadcast television industry.
Braintree Communications
Offer a range of intelligent ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) gateway's. Includes case studies and technical papers.
Cable AML Inc.
Supplier of broadband wireless access solutions.Products include a line of point-to-multipoint fixed-wireless systems available at frequencies from 2 to 42 GHz .
Call Systems Technology
UK supplier of wireless communications equipment, including pagers, DECT phones, two way radios and PC based systems.
Carlson Wireless Technologies Inc.
Fixed wireless microwave and UHF digital radio equipment and point-to-point and multipoint networking equipment for broadband, backhaul and leased-line replacement.
Cell Block Technologies, Inc.
Develops, manufactures, and markets products that provide wireless communications free areas. Products and services address the issues of unwanted use of wireless communications for security, safety, and privacy.
A custom mobile application developer for all major mobile platforms including; Apple Iphone/Ipad, Blackberry Devices and Playbook, and Android Smartphones and tablets. Located in Toronto,Ontario, Canada.
Cimarron Systems
An engineering company focused on the development of communication system products and infrastructure with unique experience in multi-channel video distribution broadband network paradigm.
Classic International
Suppliers of radio equipment, GPS, marine, aeronautical, broadcast, LPD, PMR446 and related products for amateur, semi professional and professional purposes.
Codan, Ltd.
International supplier of sophisticated remote area communication equipment and systems. Products include RF chain components, modems and digital microwave radio equipment.
CommTel Network Solutions
A communications system supplier and is leading the push towards fast, innovative and reliable communications systems.
Comtech Systems
Provider of tropospheric scatter, microwave, satellite communications systems and antenna products.
Conductus, Inc.
Researches and develops wireless communications and digital electronics applications under contract for the U.S. government. (Nasdaq: CDTS).
Continental Wireless, Inc.
Design, sell, install and maintain communication systems, two-way radio, wireless broadband or point-to-point microwave.
Corinex Global Corp.
Supply complete last mile connectivity solutions based on wireless connections operating in the license-free 2.4 GHz ISM microwave band.
Davicom Technologies
Designs and manufactures remote control and monitoring systems, base station antennas and cavity filters for the broadcast and the wireless telecom industries. Includes product data sheets in Adobe format .
Delphius Technologies
South African wireless solutions provider for GSM, RF and microwave, satellite communications, monitor and control, measurement, and test software.
DragonWave Incorporated
Designer and provider of high capacity broadband wireless networking systems for network operations and service providers.
Manufacturer of bluetooth enabled products and modules including a wireless barcode laser scanner and thermal printer.
ELANsat Technologies Inc.
Research and development provider of 2.4GHz AV sender, RF modulator, and other wireless equipment.
Elektrobit Group, Ltd.
Develops products, telecommunications solutions, testing solutions, and automated systems for the wireless industry.
Offers a wide range of specialised products to solve broadcasting problems: FM exciters, amplifiers and transmitters, radio links and telemetry.
Excel Engineering (HK), Ltd.
Products and services include e-commerce solutions, consulting, research and development, web design, cell phone jammers, and graphic design.
Fairlink Systems Limited
Distributor of fibre optic, VSAT satellite and wireless microwave radio transmission systems for the computer, telephone, video and CCTV industries.
Design and consulting center for digital mobile communication.
Supply two-way radio and satellite communications, wireless data, paging and cellular systems. Features product and services overview, investor information, and employment opportunities .
Harris Corporation
Manufacturer of digital microwave radios, wireless local loop telephony systems, broadband wireless access products, secure communications systems, and military radios.
HauteSpot Networks Corporation
Designs, builds, sells and supports broadband wireless IP solutions for video streaming and surveillance for security and surveillance network providers, municipalities, military and law enforcement.
Hutton Communications Inc.
Distribute wireless communications and power systems products to carriers, dealers, and end users . Includes a listing of products and vendors, and employment opportunities.
INSTOCK Wireless Components, Inc.
Designs and manufactures power dividers and power combiners for wireless-band telecommunications in the 0.7-2.7 GHz frequency range. US based.
InterDigital Communications Corp.
Produces, markets, sells and licenses wireless digital radio-telephone systems for voice and data communications. (Nasdaq: IDCC).
IRIS Technology Group
Commercial and technical information on advanced telemetery, data compression and data fusion products and services offered to telecommunication and wireless equipment users.
Lamar Systems
Supplies wireless video and camera control systems at frequencies from 300Mhz to 23Ghz. [Site requires Flash plugin]
LBA Associates
Collocation of cellular, PCS and wireless antennas on AM towers.
Loma Scientific International
Manufacturers MMDS transmitters and broadband power amplifiers, serving wireless cable TV broadcast markets, UHF and VHF stations, point-to-point, multihop, and terrestrial microwave systems.
Long Range Systems UK
Variety of paging systems tailored for businesses, including restaurants, beaches, nursery and hospitals.
LS Research (LSR)
Wireless design and consulting for use in the industrial, consumer, medical and defense areas. Included are a list of services, products and company news.
Mine Radio Systems
Provides integrated two-way voice and video communications for confined spaces, automated equipment control, high-speed data transfer, underground Internet capabilities, and emergency evacuation technology.
Supplier of millimeter wave radio point to point systems for urban and rural applications. Includes product applications and specifications.
Mobile Trends
Distributor of antennas, radios, connectors, cables, mounting hardware, microphones, headsets, power supplies, batteries, cases, and cellular equipment to the wireless industry.
MobileAccess Networks
Provider of converged wireless indoor networks supporting multiple wireless voice and data services on a single broadband infrastructure using RF over fibreoptics.
MobileTec International
Communications infrastructure provider for public safety organizations.
Multi-Technical Services
Offer a line of broadcast equipment. Product line includes composite FM receivers, NOAA receivers, and distribution amplifiers .
Northern Radio and Wireless Corporation
Provides sales, marketing, design, manufacturing, engineering, installation and system integration.
OEM Data Radio Products
Manufactures low-cost license free OEM data radio modems for the 902-928 MHz and 2.4 GHZ ISM bands.
Omni Provincial Electronics
Suppliers of voice and data wireless communications equipment and accessories. Products include antennas, coax cable, site hardware, and connectors.
Orbit Communications
Supplier of RF and wireless modules, transmitters, receivers, transceivers for telemetry, HVAC, scientific monitoring, control, medical and security applications.
ParkerVision, Inc.
Designs, develops and markets radio-frequency technologies for mobile communications networks, automated video camera control and production systems. Corporate and product overview, social media and contacts in Jacksonville, Florida. (Nasdaq: PRKR)
Persistent Systems, LLC
Designs and sells Wave Relay mobile ad hoc networking equipment. Quad radio mesh routers for industrial, municipal, and defense customers.
Powertec Telecommunications
Offers business and telecommunication solutions including cellular phone boosters, fixed wireless terminals, GSM gateways, mobile repeaters and other wireless communication solutions using the GSM and CDMA networks.
Rainsun Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of EMI, rubber, silicon absorbers, shielding boxes, foams, chip antennas, bluetooth modules, and bluetooth dongle.
Redline Communications Inc.
Supplier of broadband fixed wireless systems providing connectivity to ISPs, SMEs, ILECs and the MUSH market.
RF Hitec Inc.
Design, manufacture and market components and subsystems for RF, microwave, and millimeterwave communication and telecommunication systems - including cellular and PCS.
RF Parts Company
Supply a range of parts for servicing and manufacturing of amateur, commercial and broadcast communications equipment.
RF Specialties Group
An alliance of independent broadcast equipment suppliers. Includes line card, links to manufacturers, and downloadable technical software.
RFConnect Wireless Solutions
Australian installer of repeaters and signal boosters to enhance mobile signal reception.
Scandinavian Radio Technology AB
Developer and manufacturer of GSM, GPS and GPRS modems.
Sharp Communication Inc.
Supply a range of wireless communications equipment and services including paging, cellular, 2-way radio, and satellite phones.
Sheetal Wireless Technologies PVT. LTD.
Manufacturer and distributor of wireless equipment and products. Located in India.
Sierra Wireless Inc.
Provides data communications hardware and software products. Products include wireless data modems and enabling software. Features support and downloads, industry solutions and partner and reseller information.
Simrex Corporation
Manufactures wireless products including spread spectrum and narrow band with RS-232, RS485 or IP(Ethernet) radio modems for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems having data rates ranging from 1200 bps to 155 Mbps.
SoftHill Technologies Ltd
Supply systems and equipment for last-mile broadband access. Includes product overviews, specifications, and a FAQ.
Solectek Corporation
Manufacture wireless bridges and routers, and variable gain and high gain directional antennas. Product literature and specifications available in both html and pdf formats .
Sonik Technologies Corporation
Manufacture a line of paging infrastructure products, wireless modems, and other wireless data products. Includes product pricing, and downloadable technical specifications and manuals .
Spectracom Corporation
Provides precision timing network appliances, GPS test equipment, and mobile position/navigation/timing (PNT) modules.
Spectrant LLC
Offers a full array of microwave and fiber optic components and subsystems for the wireless industry.
Star-Tech Communications
Australian supplier and installer of wireless data links to businesses and telecommunication operators.
T@lecom Ltd.
Provides end-to-end wireless solutions for business users. Services include instant wireless data transfer, integrated two-way messaging, and integrated satellite navigation.
Invents, designs and develops innovative input media for mobile electronic devices.
Telewave, Inc.
Manufacture wireless system products. Products include transmitter couplers, receiver multicouplers, filters and cavities, and antennas . Includes product pricing .
Telsa SpA
Manufacture antennas, filters and components. Includes a downloadable catalog with product data and specification, company news, and job opportunities. Italy.
Tessco Technologies Incorporated
Distributes a range of products, including cable and transmission lines, lightning protection devices, replacement batteries, headsets, speakers and voltage and power measuring devices.
Trango Broadband Wireless
A provider of outdoor fixed broadband wireless connectivity solutions for network access and surveillance.
TranSystem Inc.
Develops and manufactures cable and wireless video and data communication products for the MMDS market. Products include down converters, transceivers, and transmitters.
Triasx Pty Ltd
Provides solutions for cellular coverage, optimization and wireless technology migration. Located in Brisbane, Australia.
TX RX Systems Inc.
Manufacture RF products including antennas, multicouplers, combiners, signal boosters, and isolators . Includes a Power Point presentation on signal boosters
UT Starcom
Designs, manufactures, sells and installs communications equipment for service providers that operate wireless and wireline networks in the communications markets.
Valon Technology, LLC
Consulting engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of RF and Microwave components, assemblies, and products.
Vector Communications Ltd.
Provides wireless communications equipment sales, service and rental primarily in Grande Praire, Alberta and surrounding area.
Wavesight Limited
Offers wireless and fibre solutions for secure, high bandwidth, long range transmission of data, voice and video.
Winncom Technologies
Supplier of wireless networking, voice and data equipment solutions.
Wireless Connect
Irish installer and supplier of wireless broadband and WiFi hotspots to public and commercial businesses.
Wireless Data Modules
Offers GSM and DECT radio modules for voice and data transmission, SMS and fax for integration into various system solutions. Includes data sheets and brochures in pdf format.
Wireless Xcessories Group Inc
Distributes batteries, battery accessories and cellular products through both wholesale and retail operations in USA. (Nasdaq: WIRX).

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