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This category is for companies which provide Location Based Services for example : 1. Location based information 2. Location sensitive billing 3. Emergency services 4. Tracking
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Aircraft Radio
Wholesalers and distributors of street navigation equipment, GPS, used and new. Archerfield Airport, Archerfield, Brisbane, Australia.
Applied Field Data Systems
Manufacturer of integrated systems that use GPS receivers, rugged pen-based computers, PDA's, field data collection and GIS software. Training, software development, data conversion and consulting services also available.
Autopage Ltd.
Allows monitoring people who work off-premises, using automated mobile phone text messaging.
Canal Geomatics
Distributor of GPS positioning and wireless products across North America.
GPS field data collection utilities that provide spatial information and GIS solutions for marine and land based industries.
CarNAVi Corporation
Developer and manufacturer of mobile navigation systems and services in the Philippines with expertise in system integration for GPS, geographic information systems and GPS location service technologies. Philippine.
CMC Electronics Inc.
Manufacturers of GPS receivers and systems for the aviation and surface transportation markets.
DataGrid Inc.
Geo-ID GPS/GIS datacollectors store input data from three external sensors (standard) using serial or analogue input, and store the data alongside GPS positions with meter range of centimeter range accuracies.
DynaNav Systems Inc.
Manufacturing aircraft and helicopter navigation systems for the agricultural, seismic and natural resource industries.
Supplier of low cost GPS tracking services for automobiles, fleet trucks and all types of vehicles.
FreeFlight Systems
Manufactures GPS navigation equipment, radar altimeters, and selective calling decoders for business and commuter aircraft.
Ftech Corporation
GPS modules, Bluetooth, Zigbee and wireless system design and manufacture in Taiwan.
Furuno GPS/OEM Timing Division
For over 10 years Furuno has brought GPS (Global Positioning System) products to OEMs. Furuno's GPS products can be used for a variety of applications.
Garmin International, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets GPS navigation, communication and sonar products.
Global Mapping Services
GPS surveying consultant based in Williams Lake, BC, Canada specializing in centimetre-level GPS surveying and digital mapping services for a variety of applications.
Review of GPS devices, user comments and forums about GPS Devices and system articles.
GPS Source
GPS Source specializes in GPS signal amplification, repeating, splitting, networking, and filtering.
GPS Tracklogger
Manufacturer of a device that records position data from the GPS receiver. Poland.
Holux Technology Inc.
Manufacture a range of handheld products which combine GPS functions with voice, image or RF. Includes downloadable specifications and manuals .
Manufacturer of GPS, AGPS, DGPS, tracking solutions and devices.
Italy-based firm involved in research, development, production and marketing of GPS and radiolocation systems.
Kuhagen, Inc.
Global Utility Tracking Systems ("GUTS") provides utility, pipeline, locating, and construction companies with global technology in monitoring, patrolling and protecting facilities anywhere in the world.
Laipac Tech
Manufacturers of GPS receivers and systems for all kind of industries.
Leica Geosystems
Services and products for the GIS and GPS industry.
Manufacturer of recreational marine electronics and GPS electronics for consumer sport fishing, boating, aviation, automotive and outdoors recreation markets.
Lowrance Australia
Exclusive Australian distributor of Lowrance sonar mapping and global positioning system electronic instruments for marine outdoor and aviation navigation.
Develops and manufactures time and frequency products.GPS satellite receivers, DCF atomic clocks and NTP time servers, slotcards, standalone systems and customer specific solutions generating pulses and standard frequency.
Micronics GPS
Advanced, lightweight DGPS systems. Applications include exploration, mining, local government, military, forestry and environmental projects.
Manufacturer of car tracking system, mobile data terminal for PDA, PC. Korea.
NavCom Technology Inc.
A subsidiary of John Deere. Manufactures GPS receivers for Survey, RTK, Machine Control, GIS, Military, Offshore, Aerial and Agriculture Applications. Operates the real-time global StarFire decimeter service.
Navigation Electronics
Provides GPS and GIS equipment provider including Trimble marine, mapping, and surveying software, sales, servicing and leasing.
Navin Corporation
Design and development of key-chain GPS position finder. Taiwan.
NovAtel Inc.
Manufactures and integrates higher performance GPS systems for surveying, GIS, agriculture, aviation, marine, mining and machine control.
Worldwide differential global positioning systems with many widely-spaced base stations for multi-site solutions. Maps and descriptions of service regions, technical information and pricing.
On Shine Enterprise
Manufacturer and provider of antenna, receiver, TX and RX module for on and off key. Taiwan.
Rikaline International
Manufacturer of GPS receivers, watch, and engine board, car navigation system and GPS accessories. Taiwan.
Offer solutions for advanced telematics, leading-edge technology, product and modules.
RoyalTek GPS
Designer, manufacturer, and marketer of leading-edge GPS engine boards, modules, receivers, Compact Flash GPS modules and other telemetric electronics. Supplies ODM/OEM GPS products worldwide in the aviation, marine, recreational, military, automotive and electronics markets.
San Jose Navigation Inc.
GPS hardware manufacturer in Taiwan. Products include GPS antennas, GPS receivers and DGPS antennas.
Satellite Navigation Hire
Portable GPS in-car systems for short-term hire such as business travelers in the UK and Western Europe. Ireland.
SatNav Repair Service
Inspect repair and ship GPS devices. UK.
SatNav Technologies
Creates products in GIS applied areas like navigation, telematics and facilities management.
Provider of real-time GNSS/GPS solutions, radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions and general satellite/GNSS tracking solutions.
Stone Technologies
Global positioning systems, security and fire alarms. Electronic engineering, custom design, development and manufacturing. Authorized dealer for GPS equipment.
Develop and provides a geolocation Tunisian systems and devices. Tunisia.
TeamSharp SpaceTech
Manufacturer of GPS, GSM, GIS based navigation, and car, personal and home security system. Taiwan.
TechnoCom Corporation
Products and services enabling companies to optimize, utilize, manage and offer wireless location solutions. Includes E911 and LBS (location-based services).
Specialized in tracking and telemetry devices, and also focused on development and sales of GPS and radio frequency tracking systems for animals, in particular for hunting dogs.
GPS equipment manufacturer for survey, mapping, marine, aviation, precise positioning, military, vehicle tracking, and precision farming applications; includes dealer locator.
TTW Partners Limited
Authorised Distributers of standalone satellite navigation systems, speed camera detectors,vehicle and personal tracking solutions. UK.
u-blox AG
u-blox develops and markets leading GPS technology, GPS chip sets, miniaturized GPS modules, smart antennas and dead reckoning products for original equipment manufacturers.
Gives computer systems the ability to know exactly where things are. It works indoors or outdoors, using sensors to accurately track small "Ubitags" in real time.
Manufacturer of GPS engine module, antenna, antenna for smart GPS and accessories.
Provides carriers and service providers with the software solutions required to develop, integrate and deploy LBS and Telematics services.
Wheels of Zeus, Inc.
Company founded by Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak to combine GPS and wireless technologies to make products offering location, status, control, and communications services.
Zeli Systems
Manufactures the SATPAK line of carrier-board products that provide GPS packaging solutions for popular computer platforms.

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