Wireless has many definitions and subsets. 1. It is the fixed point-to-point signal transmissions that occur through the air over a terrestrial microwave platform which does not require satellite feeds or local phone service. 2. It can also be signal transmissions between cellular phones, PDA's, and other mobile devices.
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Airspan Networks Inc.
Provides wireless local loop systems and solutions.
Applied Network Research
Information on this non-commercial, prototype, high-performance, wide-area, wireless network in San Diego.
News information and comment on the Digital Enhanced Cordless Technologies standard.
Hassan Zeino Wireless Links
Wireless Networking Links: Wireless LANs, Broadband Wireless Access, Cellular, Protocols.
HowStuffWorks: How Wireless Networking Works
Illustrated unbiased tutorial describes the advantages and disadvantages of using a wireless network.
IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access
Global, open standard for Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks.
Linux and Wireless LANs
Information on wireless networking with Linux. Includes detailed howtos, hardware support lists and links to the various pieces of software needed.
LMSC, LAN/MAN Standards Committee
Information about the IEEE 802 standards and the committee who creates them.
Locust World
Wireless research site, providing free technology accelerators for wifi community networking and mobile data projects. From handheld mesh videophones to backpack mounted webservers.
Mobile Tech Today
News and information about wireless computing and mobile technology.
An adhoc wireless mesh routing daemon. Includes tutorials, mailing list and development news.
Scientific American: Wireless Data Blaster
Article about the history of radio and wireless communications, including 802.11.
Skifactz Wifi Tutorials
Various open source router modifications, WiFi antennas and other wireless networking devices.
Wi-Fi Planet
Provides wireless news, tutorials, reviews and insights.
The executive's gateway to the wireless web. Customizable news, stocks, and information for surfing wirelessly.
Wireless Calculators
Offers calculators for wireless situations including Fresnel zones, free space loss and power budget.
Wireless Developer Network
An information resource for developers and managers interested in mobile computing and wireless data applications.
Wireless Forums
Forum for wireless discussion and support. Includes topics such as networking, hardware, VOIP and IPv6.
Wireless Links
A collection of wireless links.
Wireless Networking and Mobile IP References
Wireless Networking and Mobile IP References
Wireless Networks Online
Information on standards, regulations and technical innovations shaping the industry.

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