This category includes links to resources on both Linear and Two Dimensional (2D) barcodes. A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data that is interpreted by software to perform a specific action.
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2d Code
Online magazine with QR Code and two dimensional barcode news, views and analysis.
Bar Code Art
Personal site of Nebraska barcode artist Scott Blake with examples of his work, details of exhibitions, and an online store.
BarCode 1
Categorised lists of barcode related links, references, and specifications. Includes a search facility and an FAQ.
Barcode Island
Provides general and technical information on numeric, alphanumeric, and 2-dimensional barcodes. Includes a discussion forum.
Barcode Nerds
Whitepapers and how-to information about barcode data formats and new technology.
Camera-Phone Based Barcode Scanning
CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus white paper on 2D barcode scanning with EZ Code and Datamatrix code. [PDF]
GS1 BarCodes
Global standards organization allocating identification keys for barcodes. With technical, implementation and support information.
My Qr Generator
Allows you to create QR codes for free. Codes can be personalized with colors, pictures and text.
Product Open Data
Search and browse GTIN codes by brand and by owner. GTIN codes are unique product identifiers that are printed beneath barcodes on consumer packaged goods. GTIN numbers are assigned by the GS1 organization and used by companies throughout the supply chain process.
QR Code Generator
Online QR management system for handling QR codes. It can generate and design QR codes, change URLs and produce reports for measuring efficiency.
QR Stuff
Allows users to design and generate their own custom QR codes to print.
History and information about the QR Code from the originator Denso Wave.
Wikipedia: Barcode
Encyclopedia article including the history, use, symbology, and benefits of barcodes.
Wikipedia: QR Code
History, standards, uses, designs, and information about the QR code.
Zxing project guide to the standard encoding of information in 2D barcodes.
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