This category is dedicated to links to HTML reference sites. If you need to get information on a specific HTML tag you should find these reference guides useful.
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W3C HTML Home Page
Full information on HTML and links to all the specifications.
The Advanced HTML Reference - Index Dot HTML
Technical information about HTML and CSS.
Dave Arn's HTML Reference
A list of tags and attributes with brief examples.
Dottoro's HTML Reference
Complete HTML reference with detailed descriptions, browser support information, examples and cross-browser solutions.
Describes every HTML Element (both HTML4 and HTML5), with a compatibility table and example of use.
HTML 4.0 Reference - Web Design Group
Several HTML tag lists, listed organizationally and alphabetically. Definition of HTML validators included. Downloadable versions available.
HTML DTD Reference
Required and optional parts of the HTML document type definition.
HTML Online Reference
Offering online HTML reference. Includes tips and tricks. [Atom]
HTML Portal
Information on various aspects of HTML. Includes HTML tags, characters, tutorials.
HTML Quick List - HTML Code Tutorial
Webpage codes in alphabetical order, their associated attributes, descriptions, and examples.
HTML Reference Guide - WebSpawner
An alphabetical and a functional tag list, simple examples of each, and a FAQs page.
HTML Tag List
A quick HTML tags and attributes' list. Included additional HTML resources, e.g., a special characters tutorial.
HTML Tags Cheat Sheet - VisiBone
Laminated HTML tag lists in different sizes of print, sorted alphabetically. Includes compatibility notes for IE6, NS6, and XHTML 1.1.
Introduction to HTML Email
Explains how to add images and links and a few other HTML codes to email. Also explains how Outlook Express renders email HTML in different circumstances.
Mathematical Formulas in HTML 4.0
Provides a list of mathematical entities and examples of using them.
NCDesign HTML Guide
A tag list with brief explanations for each tag. Also XML and object tags.
Presenting Mathematical Expressions on Web Pages
In-depth resource on using HTML and CSS to present various types of equations.
Quick HTML Reference - HTML Goodies
A tag list with explanations covering the HTML 3.2 version.
A Simple Guide to HTML
Guide for beginners covers several topics, with short and basic descriptions of the HTML tags and a cheat sheet.
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