PIC is a family of RISC microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology, derived from the PIC1650, originally developed by General Instrument's Microelectronics Division. PICs use a Reduced instruction set, varying in length from about 35 instructions at the low-end, to about 70 instructions at the high-end. The set includes instructions to perform many operations on the accumulator. and a constant or the accumulator and a memory location, and for conditionally executing code and jumping/calling other parts of the program and returning from them, and specific hardware features like interrupts, and a low power mode called sleep. Microchip provides a freeware IDE package called MPLAB, with a software simulator and assembler.
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CCS, Inc.: C Compilers
Provides embedded software tools designed for Microchip PIC MCU and dsPIC DSCs.
Crownhill Associates, Ltd.
Makes PIC development system: software (Proton PICBASIC suite, realtime virtual modeling); and hardware (prototype breadboards, internet/ethernet boards, serial graphics LCD, IR, smart card, solderless).
Microchip Technology, Inc.
Makes PIC 8- and 16-bit processors, and many other products.
Dedicated to programming Microchip PIC processors with C: sample source code, tutorial, FAQ, articles, links bootloaders. By Shane Tolmie.
Development tool for microcontroller based boards, has graphical and realtime simulator, full featured editor, supports Asm, Jal, PICBASIC; news, contacts, CVS, downloads. SourceForge.net.
Oshon Software
Makes PIC and PIC18 Simulator IDEs; Basic compiler, assembler, disassembler, debugger; screenshots, documents, full function evaluation copy, free download.
PIC 16x84 Basics
Necessities for Microchip PIC 16C84, 16F84 microcontrollers. Descriptions of basics, functions, features; definitions, video tutorials, indispensable information.
PIC Microcontroller
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
PIC Microprocessor Simulator on Linux
Simulates PIC16F84A on Linux using a GUI for easier programming and debugging of PIC programs. Has memory viewer, source browser, register editor, mapping PIC pins to parallel port for hardware interface. SourceForge.net.
PIC-based Applications
Projects using Microchip PICmicro microcontrollers (MCUs), coded in CCS C, descriptions, schematics; all free, with source code. Westford MicroSystems.
Good resource, much content: programmer hardware, writing code, buying tips, instruction set, datasheets, features, practical projects, tips, links.
PIC FAQ, PICkit 2 FAQ, starters tutorial, blink a LED, dwarf boards, tools, projects. English, Nederlands. By Wouter van Ooijen.
IDE for programs for PIC and dsPIC processors, similar to MPLAB program. Supports several compiler and assembler toolchains: GPSim simulator; ICD2 debugger; ICD1, PICkit1, PICkit2, PicStart+, and most direct programmers. Command-line programmer and debugger available. SourceForge.net.
Simulink - Embedded Target for PIC
Wiki article on the Embedded Target for PIC / dsPIC, a blockset for Matlab that works on the top of the MathWorks Simulink.
WebRing: PICmicro
Set of links to websites on Microchip PIC microcontrollers, related projects.
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