Retrocomputing is the use of computer hardware generally judged obsolete. One example would be to use a Cambridge Z88 or a Tandy Model 100 to do your work instead of the latest Pentium, multimedia laptop. Some people have no use for or can't afford a modern computer and choose to work on older computers instead. If you use the computer only do do word processing perhaps you are satisfied with an Amstrad PCW. A related subject is retrogaming and abandonware. It's a bit different and seems to be mostly based on wanting games based on good gameplay instead of effects.
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Apollo Domain OS
Offers an archive of information including patches and jumpers for users of this operating system.
The AT&T Unix PC
AT&T 3B1/7300 Unix PC information archives.
Bricks and Beams eCrater Store
Selling a wide variety of vintage computing hardware and software. From classic Apple IIGS computers to Wordperfect 5.1. [RSS]
Eric Smith's Retrocomputing page
This is a veritable "home museum" covering the personal computer from the PDP-11 and the IBM 5100 onwards...
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection
A virtual computer museum representing Erik Klein's personal collection of historical computers. The site features computer history, pictures and a message board.
Heathkit Computers
Heathkit and Zenith 8-bit computers and non-IBM compatible systems, like the H8, H11, H89, and H/Z-100. Includes information, software, manuals, catalogs, and an H89 emulator.
Mattel Aquarius Homecomputer
All about the Aquarius computer by Mattel Electronics / Radofin with technical information and links.
Obsolyte - Obsolete and Elyte!
A website about the old workstations, focusing on unix systems. The only known archive of material.
The Official IMSAI Website
Vendor of the original 8080-based microcomputer. They still sell parts and are releasing a more modern release, the IMSAI Series 2, compatible with CP/M and ZS-DOS.
The Old Computer
Dedicated to all aspects of retro computing, old computers, games consoles, handhelds, games and watches.
Contains historical information as well as collector links.
A historical timeline on computers dating back to 1970.
Non-profit organization serving the online community by providing old versions of various programs.
PERQ Workstations
All about PERQ workstations.
Photos of early computers: years 1950-1975
Over 16,000 photos and descriptions of retro to antique computers and components. Site is in French, but offers an English translation.
The Restart Page
Emulates the rebooting of several vintage operating systems.
Retro Review
Retro computing magazine.
Retrocomputing Archive
Software for classic computer systems.
Exploring retro computing (hardware, software and experience) in a Tasmanian context.
Sell My Retro
Trading and auction site dedicated to retro computer hardware, software, and accessories.
Theo Engel
Software for Honeywell Series 16 bit minicomputers. DDP-116 DDP-516 and H-316 / H316.
Thomson MO5, MO6 and Olivetti PC128
Downloadable games and programs with screenshots, cover art, and documentation.
Vector Graphics Terminals
Information about storage tube vector graphics terminals, with examples from a private collection.
Yahoo! Groups: mattelaquarius
A place to discover, chat about and just get general information on the Mattel Aquarius home computer.
Zusie the Relay Computer
Zusie is a computer built almost entirely out of relays. It is inspired by the work of Konrad Zuse in the 1930's.
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