Brainfuck is one of the most famous esoteric programming languages that uses only eight commands which are represented by eight symbols. It is a Turing-complete language but with obfuscated and unstructured code. Not practically useful but even the implementation of a simple program can turn into a brainteaser.
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Some Brainfuck Fluff
By Daniel B. Cristofani. Complete brainfuck reference; sources for various programs, including a Universal Turing Machine; brainfuck to SPARC compiler, and interpreters in C and JavaScript; suggestions, contest results.
Provides Brainfuck Developer, an Integrated Development Environment for the language running on Microsoft Windows.
BF Debugger Project
An integrated GUI debugger for the development of software using the Brainfuck programming language.
Brainfuck Archive
Programs, compilers, interpreters, utilities, in source and compiled versions.
The Brainfuck CPU
A processor that natively runs Brainfuck code.
Brainfuck Machine
A Brainfuck IDE with interpreter, debugger, compiler and tools (for example: converting BF to other programming languages, random BF code generation).
The Brainfuck Programming Language
Brief overview, introduction to commands, informal standards for programmers and implementers, and related resources.
ActiveScript Brainfuck implementation. It allows you to write web page scripts on Brainfuck.
Branfuck.NET Compiler
Brainfuck compiler for Microsoft .Net Framework. Compiles Brainfuck programs into Portable Executable files (exe)
Clifford's Homepage - The Brainf*ck Compiler
A C-like language that compiles to brainfuck.
Esolang Wiki: Brainfuck
An overview of the language, history, and example code.
Esoteric Non-existent Standards Institute
Contains some efforts to provide formal language specifications for BF, and other resources.
FuckBrainfuck (FBF)
A programming language that compiles to Brainfuck.
A GPL'ed Brainfuck language interpreter written in C and intended to run on *NIX machines.
A free portable library for Brainfuck fast interpretation, optimization, compilation and execution
Apache webserver Brainfuck module; several BF code handlers. Easily make dynamic webpages in BF. Simple example of uses of Apache API, simpler than standard Apache mod_example. Descriptions, downloads, links. [Open Source, GPL]
Mr. Rock's Brainfuck Pages
Language introduction, tutorial, resources, BF to Perl converter.
Taking Over The World
A short text game completely written by hand in Brainfuck.
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