Agile Modeling (AM) is a set of practice-based methodologies for modeling and documenting software-based systems, in a lightweight manner. On this page, topics are arranged in two groups and levels: 1) Top: issues spanning multiple related methodologies. 2) Bottom: specific methodologies, with their own directory category.
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Agile Alliance
News, articles, and users groups.
Agile Data Method
Describes techniques to help application developers, DBAs, enterprise architects, and data management professionals work together effectively.
Agile Development Blog: TargetProcess
Daily updates on Agile software development: XP, Scrum, Crystal; tools, resources.
Agile Modeling
Practice-based methodology for effectively modeling and documenting software-based systems; a collection of values, principles, practices to model software that can be applied on development projects in effective, light-weight manner.
Agile Modeling on XP Projects
Essay describing how to model on an XP project.
Agile Software Development
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Agile Web Development for Managers
A weblog discussing web development, project management, programming practices, and XP
Agility Group Wiki
An online collaboration resource for people interested in Agile Methods.
Carl's Consulting Adventures
Weblog of an EAI architect and PM as he discovers the wonderful world of Agile product development with ThoughtWorks
Do It Yourself Agile
Resource for the Agile DIY'er.
DSDM Consortium
Dynamic Systems Development Method is a standard based on Rapid Application Development and Agile Method. Information on the organization, resources, publications, events.
Dynamic Systems Development Method
Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
Effective Agile Development LLC
Agile training, coaching, assessments and information.
Eigenpoll: ASD Books
Online poll compares books on agile software development.
Martin Fowler
Papers and articles by one of the giants in the field.
Michael Vizdos
About author (co-author of "The Enterprise Unified Process: Extending the Rational Unified Process."), current information within the agile community.
Rally Software Development
Tools for Agile development.
Web-based Agile project planning, management, and bug tracking software, supports Extreme Programming and other methodologies. Freeware.
Test Driven Development Portal
The practice of Test-Driven development is an integral part of Agile processes. This portal provides regular updates, downloads in the field.
ThoughtWorks Inc.
A global software company focused on software design and delivery providíng services, products and thought on Agile and Continuous Delivery.
Timo's Weblog
Covers next generation development methods: agile, firmware, embedded systems.
Project planning and management tools designed specifically for Agile software development.

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