Spyware and Adware are increasingly common and closely related forms of malicious software. Spyware refers to software that transmits personal information such as browsing habits without proper authorization. The functions of most advertising software (adware) can be classified as spyware, because they transmit information back to advertisers for marketing purposes. Adware refers to parasitic marketing software, which may be bundled with other seemingly desirable software, distributed by masquerading as a browser plugin, or more disturbingly, distributed via security holes in a user's browser. Beyond being an invasion of privacy and an annoyance to many users, spyware and adware programs are often poorly written, exposing victims to browser and operating system instability and insecurity, and often burrow deeply into critical operating system components making their removal a dangerous time consuming process.
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Spyware Warrior
Blog of spyware news developments, testing results for anti-spyware products, details of rogue products and forums providing advice and support for people with spyware infections.
Ben Edelman
Doctoral student involved in spyware related research and investigations into associated unethical practices. Includes research papers, news, biography and presentations given.
CEXX Org - Counterexploitation
Detailed descriptions of various spyware, adware, and other parasitic software. Includes instructions for removing many common and not-so-common spyware and adware programs.
Information on how to prevent infection, lists of reputable and rogue products, database of known parasites and glossary of terms.
It Pays To Read License Agreements
Explains that if a person gets spyware and adware on his or her computer, it could be because he or she agreed to it.
Malware Domain List
Featuring a list of malware-related sites plus a discussion forum on new threats.
Malware Help.org
News article database featuring articles submitted by users about malicious software threats.
Service offering removal tools and prevention advice.
The Perfect Computer
Advice for novice users on which free anti-spyware software applications to install on their systems.
Windows processes listed by name; a resource for determining whether a particular process is necessary, superfluous or even harmful.
Spyware Removal
Information and resources regarding spyware and how to remove it. Get up-to-date information and removal instructions regarding the latest spyware and adware threats.
Spyware Sucks
News and analysis of emergent malware threats.
Spyware's Most Wanted
Instructions for beginners on how to install and use the most common paid and free anti-spyware products.
TeMerc Internet Countermeasures
Information on preventative measures, details of the malware community good guys and bad guys, and of specific spyware threats. Includes help forums.
Trend Labs Anti-Malware Blog
A blog published by Trend Micro reporting on recent malware outbreaks and discovered software exploits.
A blog concerning spyware, malware, and mistakes that several of the big computer companies make.
What-is-exe Process Database
Directory of computer processes, including those associated with spyware applications.
Wikipedia - Spyware
A very detailed look at what spyware is, how it attaches itself to computers, and the common methods of prevention.
AIM: Getting More than You Bargained For
eSecurityPlanet columnist Ray Everett-Church says AOL's Instant Messenger software gives him more than he bargained for. (September 01, 2005)

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