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The Apache Subversion Project Home
An open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. This is the main page of the project with sources, bug tracking, and mailing list.
The aim of this project is to provide integration for SVN into the Visual Studio .NET IDE.
AVLUX Enterprises, LLC.
Provides Subversion Hosting and other tools for developers.
Project page with information, sources, and bugtracking for the GUI implemented in Java/Swing. It is based on the command line interface.
Allows user to browse repositories, check for changes, review, merge and commit changes, update working copies and examine the revision history.
Plugin for Emacs - psvn.el
The page has the sources and information on the module.
Provides hosting for version control, issue tracking, document management, and wiki tools for projects of all sizes.
Project page for the GUI. Information and sources for the cross-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system written in C++ using the wxWindows framework. This project also includes a general Subversion client C++ API.
SmartSVN (Java Client)
Powerful, cross-platform Subversion client. All required tools (File Compare, Conflict Solver, Subversion- and SSH-client) are included. Free Foundation version, commercial Professional version.
Enables Suvbersion support in the Eclipse IDE.
Subversion for Windows with Apache - A Beginners Guide
Describes how to install the Subversion server on a Windows system, and get it running.
Subversion SCC API plugin
SVN SCC proxy for Microsoft Developer Studio, by PushOk software.
Automatically generates changelogs from a Subversion repository.
A lightweight web-interface for a remote Subversion repository. Not unlike the default mod_dav_svn HTML interface, but with some improvements.
A community help and discussion forum for exchanging information and tips with other users.
SVNKit - Pure Java Subversion Library
SVNKit is an Open Source pure Java Subversion library.
SVNRevMailer (Java)
SVNRevMailer is a small tool that E-mails reports of the changes in subversion repositories.
An open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary. Feature list, screen shots and download.
Syncro SVN Client
A cross-platform GUI client for Subversion. (Commercial)
TortoiseSVN is TortoiseCVS for Subversion. Enables Subversion commands directly in Windows explorer.
Utility: SVN-Push
Tool to push the content of a subversion repository or a part of a repository to another repository. Downloads and documentation for Perl module and command-line front-end.
Version Control with Subversion
Web version of a book about Subversion. Work in progress, however already very complete. The book should be published by O'Reilly and Associates later in 2004.
Versionshelf - Secure Subversion Hosting
Subversion hosting that supports secure repository access through SSL, an easy to use administration frontend to manage users and repositories, and a subversion browser. Free accounts for teachers and students.
Offers a Microsoft Visual Studio Plugin for seamless integration with Subversion and a server implementing the protocol.
WushNet LLC
Offers commercial remote hosted Subversion repositories. Multiuser Subversion
Demonstrates how to use Subversion for multiuser, distributed projects. (December 19, 2002) Single-User Subversion
Introduces Subversion and explains how to use it for personal projects. (October 31, 2002)
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