Broadly speaking, content management describes any system that allows people to more easily change and update content, especially on their websites. When the content (number of pages, images, etc.), and/or the number of contributors, grows large, a content management system (CMS) helps collect and create the content in ways that makes it easy to reuse. A CMS allows a team of contributors to work on the same pages without conflicting (check-in/check-out and workflow control). It can schedule pages to appear and disappear at designated times, and archive the old pages with versioning and revision control. Reuse of content means an item can be edited in one place and be published instantly in many places. But it also means that the different versions of the content can be formatted properly for multiple delivery channels, including the web (HTML and PDF), print, wireless handheld devices, and cell phones. Smaller CMSs are for single web authors working one or a few websites. Enterprise CMSs may control hundreds of thousands of pages on hundreds of websites with many dozens of contributors. In between, there are Team CMSs for corporate departments and smaller organizations. News portal software (slash-alikes and the *nuke family) are a form of community CMS, as are weblog tools (usually for personal publishing) and Wikis (usually for teams of contributors). Some CMSs edit whole web pages, others edit a content template for a page and individual content elements. Both kinds may have form-based text editing, source editing of the markup language, or WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) visual editing. Smaller CMSs tend to be page-oriented and store HTML. Enterprise CMSs use content templates and usually store content elements as information chunks in XML. Some systems tag and store the information with RDF (Resource Description Framework) metadata for the Semantic Web.
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Abacus E-media
Specialise in providing content management systems, portal development, web design and kiosk services.
Adenin Technologies
Content management system optimized for usage in Intranets.
Agility CMS
A cloud hybrid CMS platform for websites, ticketing, ecommerce, and personalization. Headless CMS.
Akmin Technologies
Offers content management software, including SiteGalore, OnlineSiteCreator, and Editlet.
Aptus Solutions Ltd.
Builders of information management architectures, partnering with Documentum, ATG, BEA and Verity.
Artery Solutions
Artery Engine and Insite Studio solutions enable managing content structures. Also include Webtop Shop, an online shopping software system.
Asbru Web Content Management
Ready to use, full-featured, database-driven web content management system (CMS) with integrated community, databases, e-commerce and statistics modules.
Markets products which are an Internet, Intranet, Extranet portal solution that provides browser-based content management, database-driven, user role enabled web presence.
A modular and scalable content management platform.
Author-it Software Corporation
Single-source authoring and content management. Write documentation content once, maintain it in a single location, and publish it to print, Intranet, web sites, and Windows.
A SOAP-based semi-automated content management system from AZteca developers. Home page has popups.
b content
Content management system which allows changes to the content of an Internet presentation.
A provider of content management and multi-channel content distribution software solutions. Provides the technical foundation for content billing through its tracking, tracing and usage reporting capabilities.
GOOZ features WYSIWYG editing, scheduled content, template-driven web pages, approval workflow, visitor tracking, and an integrated search engine and mailing list.
CMS web and mobile publishing solution. Create, manage and monetize: portals, magazines, newspapers, business directories, or online communities.
An enterprise content management, ecommerce, online marketing and web development platform for web and mobile sites.
CMS with wiki features. Free PHP CMS.
Provides content and knowledge management solutions that enable business users to design, deploy, and manage Internet and Intranet sites.
Clarinet Systems Ltd
Software for the management and delivery of information via the Internet, intranets and CD-ROM. Including content management, information delivery, search engines, e-commerce and access control systems.
Claromentis Ltd
A web-based knowledge management system which integrates document and content management. Demo available.
A simple to install and maintain websites directory. Freeware.
Collaborate Technologies
CollabWeb software and services to help organizations create and deploy dynamic internet, intranet and extranet web sites.
Contensis CMS
System enables both technical and non-technical staff to edit, manage and publish web, intranet or extranet content. It has an XML core, workflow, and edits content elements in WYSIWYG mode.
Web Site Director provides solutions with WYSIWYG editing, templates, workflow, WebDAV, and versioning. Publish to multiple destinations.
Deskspace CMS
Enables anyone to build a fast, responsive web site that works on any device.
Ecom Enterprises
Providing content management, e-commerce, services, expertise and technology. WebPress Pro and the eMart Ecommerce platform.
Enable International Ltd.
A set of template-driven tools, including inline formatting, image cataloging, and file conversion. Searching, archiving, multilingual and multicurrency shopping.
enVivo!CMS Classic is available in standard, professional, and enterprise editions.
A global company offering a CMS and an e-commerce platform. The platform includes tools to manage web content, digital marketing, and e-commerce.
Web content management and document management solutions with WYSIWYG editing, templating, business process automation (workflow), WebDAV, versioning and site management. eForms automation tool.
CMS with built in spam protection.
A CGI-based system that automates maintaining FAQ or similar documents.
Content Server is for building and maintaining multiple web sites (Intranets, Extranets, and public sites) for large organizations. J2EE-based, with enterprise-class workflow.
Offering solutions for businesses, governments, and associations, Xpressware.CMS is primarily targeted at the public sector.
Delivers powerful template-based Internet publishing and reporting solutions based on the Publikit software.
Gentics Software GmbH
Adaptable corporate structure CMS.
Enterprise content management solutions providing WYSIWYG editing, collaboration, and secure commerce capabilities with integration into back office systems.
Hannon Hill
Offers mid-level software for teams and departments and more high-level software for larger companies and governments.
List with reviews of headless content management systems for JAMstack sites.
IBM: Enterprise Content Management
Provides a foundation for managing, accessing and integrating business information. Optimized for large collections of large objects.
i-Web Suite is a CMS for graphic designers and web designers.
Industrial Medium
Carbide is a content and site management solution offered as a managed service.
InfoDynamics: Intact
Document managing software to integrate your scanning and document organization.
A web-based enterprise content management software for e-business solutions
Ingeniux Corporation
XML-based web content management system with WYSIWYG editing, workflow, taxonomy, and content syndication.
Content Server includes knowledge management, competitive intelligence, library, archive and records management. Seminars, white papers, and free trial downloads.
Innovation Gate
WebGate Anywhere supports multiple authoring clients including browser, Word, Notes and e-mail. Outputs to HTML, PDF, Wap, PDA, XML. Personal Portal available including easy integration with legacy data not on site.
Instant Magazine
Gather content, design a publication and optimize it for the web.
UK based CMS developer and full digital service agency.
Interspire develops web-based content management systems, and other web-based applications.
ISCAPE Internet Consulting
Provides web enabled content management solutions to the financial and high technology industries.
Provides a hosted software based content management system maintained via simple, on-line forms.
An ebusiness and content management application for SME business.
Free user friendly Content Management System. Used XML (no databases) and written in .net
Knowledgeview Limited
Uses scalable Java-based technology for multi platform content aggregation.
A free website publishing system developed for photographers, designers and creative DIYs.
Software development company specializing in content management systems for business web sites. Includes product range and demonstration.
kVentures, Inc.
A consulting vendor that specializes in web-based utilities designed to facilitate the management of corporate web sites and extranets.
Libertas Solutions
Three scalable solutions from small business users to the enterprise. Available as a hosted or a licenced application for Linux and Windows.
A digital platform for banking. Build portals, intranets, websites and connected experiences.
Produces a communications management system which simplifies and automates marketing communications processes.
Membership system.
Web-site content creation and management solution designed for organizations that publish information in either a 'public' or 'members only/by subscription' basis.
Metadot Portal Server
An open-source software for building websites and portals in just a few clicks. Provides content management and collaboration features. Also customization functionalities like My Yahoo (Perl, MySQL and Linux).
Metrex Systems Consulting, Inc.
Canadian-based content management and software application development services for small and medium-sized business.
Mirabyte Web Architect
Professional HTML5 and CSS3 web editor with code inspector, wizard for creating CSS selectors and content managing system.
Mondeca provides software tools and consulting for Knowledge base, Ontology and Metadata management.
Multimedia Australia
Offers software for building websites: BestAddress HTML Editor Professional, Acclaim CMS Website Content Management System, Imagination Image Map Editor, and others. Brisbane, Qld, Australia.
The primary objective of MyCataFLOW is to provide an enterprise-wide asset management solution to protect digital assets, increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize revenue.
Scalable, multilingual, intelligent personalization and search/text mining features
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc
Developers of PaperClick, technology which links physical information and objects to the Internet.
Netmining NV
Develops software for online behavioral targeting, to personalize website content for different visitors.
NetQuest NQcontent
This ColdFusion based, enterprise-level, web content management solution is targeted for medium to large organizations. It has versioning, workflow, and multilingual (double-byte) support.
NuRelm NuContent
Web content management software for small to mid-sized organizations and company intranets.
OAS Corp. Products and Services
OAS Corp. products and services include AFP2Web/400 and NetConnect for OnDemand/400. NetConnect enables web browser access to IBM OnDemand for AS/400 R/DARS. AFP2Web/400 transforms AFP documents to PDF and HTML.
Content, document, user, database and knowledge management system for BSD/UNIX-based operating systems (Linux, Solaris, MacOSX). OlefaScript language.
Open Book Systems
Custom, database-driven solutions. OBS has been in the content management business for 21 years, first as a full-service book packager, and for the last 11 years as Internet developers and host, building online workspaces and easy-to-administer publishing systems.
SOA enterprise content management platform.
Simple content management system, customizable through components.
Percussion Software
A content management system built on Java and designed to make web content management easier for marketers.
Perpetuum Mobile
Developer of iSite , Content Management solution.
Develops and licenses semantic content management software built on the 2nd generation Web technologies such as RDF and XML.
Cloud hosted enterprise web content management software, Saas and WCM.
Publiz CMS
A content management system for Adobe Muse.
Quantum Art's Q-Publishing
Quantum Art's Q-Publishing is a versatile content management solution for local governments and small and mid-size businesses.
A Java application platform, built around the J2EE framework, providing commerce, content and knowledge management, and messaging applications.
Their content manager allows a small business web site to be kept up to date at low cost, from anywhere, just by filling in simple forms.
Providers of a wide range of Internet services for businesses - from bespoke content management applications, online booking systems, customer relationship management and e-commerce solutions.
Red Snapper Ltd
Red Snapper - Strategic Internet Consultancy and Web Agency with a powerful Content Management System
An ecommerce solution provider, combining ecommerce agency services and authoring a sophisticated ecommerce platform.
Revize LLC
Offers a web content management system that enables non-technical content contributors to maintain their web pages.
Runtime Technologies
Simplifying the use of websites and related technologies to meet business communications and information management needs dynamically and without requiring in-depth technical knowledge or expertise.
A CMS for PHP and MySQL. Free for commercial and non-commercial projects. Available in 35 languages.
Scully Interactive
Content management software custom-tailored for complete control of your site, and design services.
Senseware Technology
Based in Mumbai, S.Nagaraj, a one-stop solution for business seeking media and interactive technologies.
Shrinking Planet
Offers web based content management tools.
Simply CMS
A content management system designed for users with little or no Internet know-how.
Site Executive
A dynamic, easy-to-implement content management system designed for efficient management of web content in information-intensive enterprises.
Produces a content management and application development platform with support for web standards and .NET. Integrates with other enterprise software.
Sitekit Solutions Ltd
Offers web management systems for various business sectors. Includes service and product information.
A developing powerful web applications to make business more efficient. The productporfolio contains (flash) content management Software, virtual community modules and web-based pps systems.
SiteSuite Website Design Pty Ltd
Offers website design, ecommerce software, custom web development, responsive web design and a range of website online marketing tools for business.
Information publishing modular system includes web file sharing, navigation generator, e-commerce, e-learning, forums, events scheduling, resource reservation system, weblogs and aggregators, web presentations, web-based forms, and site archiving. Multilingual support. Online demos and free downloads.
SledgeHammer Template Engine official site; download, contact and short description. Software aims at separating business logic and content.
Premium website creation tool.
Solid State Group
Digital agency and software company that develops websites, web applications and social networks.
Starwire Corporation
Provides content management, syndication, and managed network infrastructure for public or private Web-based networks.
A forms-based (no HTML) website content management system enabling those with only basic computer skills to edit and update web pages. Versions available for single webmasters or teams of contributors.
Suntek Computer Systems Ltd
Content management system supports Chinese search, input and display, workflow management from data input, upload, to publication, content syndication and distribution, image and Office document upload and search; full text and field-by-field search for both Chinese and English contents.
Scandinavian vendor with partners in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. The Synkron system is aimed at the mid-market.
elevateIT provides content management solutions for distributed organisations, portal management, document management and workflow management. It is an extension of ZOPE/Plone.
TechniCon Corporation
Provides Web-based software to manage product content, including complex CAD and product configurations.
TEKgroup International, Inc.
Internet software and services including content management, E-commerce, interactive and E-business solutions for the automotive and transportation, health and fitness, public relations, and sports and entertainment industries.
TerminalFour Solutions Ltd.
Providers of software for communication and information delivery through channels including web sites, Intranets and Extranet portals.
Website creation software. Ecommerce. Responsive design.
UPOINT Publisher
A content management system that allows a web operator to edit his web pages via a browser.
Frontier/Manila is built around an object database, scripting language, script editor and debugger, outliner, multi-threaded runtime, distributed computing protocols, real-time editor/debugger (IDE) and publishing workflow administration. Integrated HTTP server. Runs on Mac and Windows.
Viadesto Interactive Web Platform
Viadesto helps you easily manage content for your intranet, extranet and web site through your web browser while providing interactive calendars, discussions, ecommerce, email management...
Offers cross-media publishing through a combination of database and XML technology.
Offers a content management system. Tools include email and SMS mailing list, and statistics management.
e-Publisher is ColdFusion based content management. Can be integrated with sales, booking, and customer relationship tools.
Web Enterprise Suite
An e-commerce solution for data product search, retrieval and distribution via the Web.
web it easy
Separates layout from content.
Object-oriented content management system and web site development tool. Uses a practical, file-based approach to separate page templates and reusable content. Shareware.
A bespoke enterprise content management system.
Serves newspaper and magazine publishers with a full spectrum of traffic building web solutions.
Xepient Solutions
Open-Point is a free open-source CMS developed with .NET technologies. Modular and scalable. Demos and downloads available.
Built for teams to manage and distribute content to multiple sites, devices, and anywhere else it needs to go. Headless CMS.
Zeta Producer
A Windows-based web content management system.

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