Personal Information Managers (PIMs) and reminders are software that allow you to manage information and setup reminders or alarms. The main difference between reminders and PIMs is that reminders will only remind you of an event, usually via an audible alarm or a pop-up window, where as PIMs include additional features that allows you to maintain contact information and manager your schedule. Some PIMs will even dial telephone numbers and send email to contacts stored within the PIM upon demand.
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4t Calendar Reminder MP3
Reminder application that can remind about birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and other events, can organize events in MS Outlook-like calendar and arrange ones in tree form using Explorer-like interface.
Create telephone directories, as well as graphical directories with information for personal information management. It will print text or graphical directories.
Above & Beyond
A personal information manager for planning, managing, and tracking a active business and personal life.
Activities and Priorities
Helps to decide which your activities (life goals) are currently most important, harmonize life and overcome stress by incorporating the most important of the new trends in modern time management.
Acute Software
Australian development company specializing in information management tools and utilities for small business and home users.
Stores and manages texts, images, web pages, links, and reminders in tree-like database. Includes fast global search, data encryption, synchronization with Pocket PC, multi-user support, backing up and printing. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
Argentum Coolbase
A data organizer that can keep any kind of information in a tree outline database. It can serve as a note taker, a diary keeper, database software, a personal contact list, a link organizer, a photo album, and a text editor.
B.O.A. Systems
TinyDial, a complete Phone Dialer. TinyAlarm, a complete and amusing reminder service.
Black Hole Organizer
Store your documents in a free-form database.
Capstan Australia
Quick To-Do and Contact Expert are personal and corporate information management PIM software. To-do list managers, contact managers, alarm reminders, appointment schedulers. [Single-user or Network versions Win 9x/NT/2000]
Chistyacov Software
CS Desktop Notes a virtual sticky note program for windows.
Windows application for fast and convenient note taking. It can clip text from any application on a hot key, has a powerful tagging system and effective full-text search capability.
ConSaleSmartz Standard
Contact management software with calendar, history, email, mail merge, and reports. Full remote synchronization, and label printing. Create mailouts, faxouts and even e-mail outs to thousands of potential customers. Full built in search engine. [Win 95/98/NT/Macintosh]
Desktop Notes
Program to post notes on the Windows desktop. With the ability to use pictures as background for notes. [Windows 95/98/ME/2k/XP]
Duality Software
Maker of xReminder Pro reminder program, and A-book address manager.
A personal information manager that keeps track of contacts, tasks, appointments, to-do lists, notes, passwords and diaries.
Software utility which helps you create reminders and notes on your windows desktop.
Forever Journal
Multi-faceted journal software that is secure and password protected. [Windows95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT]
Forty Software's Note Wonder
Sticky note browser program with email capability, templates and sounds manages all the daily information too small for a Personal Information Manager (PIM) and too immediate for a document.
Java Contactor
A cross-platform Personal Information Manager (PIM) written in Java, so that it can be used on any computer that has a 1.1.8 (or later) Java Virtual Machine (requires the Java Swing library as well). One application to manage and communicate with all contacts at home and at work.
LoneWolf Software
Phonebook 95 and To-Do 95. Award winning personal information manager PIM shareware. Phone address organizers, to do list, alarm reminders, appointment schedulers, contact managers. [Win 95/98/NT]
Magic Notes
A note taking utility program for Windows, does repeating alarms, net send features, customize look of notes, comes with numerous other features.
Milenix Software
Providers of MyInfo - personal information manager, aids in organizing ideas, documents and bookmarks. [Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista]
MultiCalendar Technology Limited, LLC
A handy tool for calendar and schedule management.
My Own Estate Booklet
Estate planning, preparation and organization made easier using one of the pre-formatted Booklet. Available in three different versions: PDF view and print format, electronic entry, and mail order CD. Software downloads and FAQs.
Easy to use sticky notes organizer, free and shareware version. Multi language interface.
Programming Sunrise Ltd.
Smart Diary Suite is a total personal information manager, it can be simple or , fully customized and skinable to meet all current and future needs.
Quick Notes Plus
Productivity and management tool which is used to create Sticky Notes on Windows Desktop. Notes are Rich Text (Formatted Text) enabled.
Skinable desktop notes to remind one of important things to do. Once on screen, stickies will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots. Support for other languages in the interface.
Taskline - Task Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook
Productivity tool that schedules tasks, giving each task a recommended start and finish date. It can also place tasks in Outlook's Calendar.
TheBrain Technologies Corporation
PersonalBrain is a user interface that organizes all digital information in a single, visual structure. It is a personal solution to information creation, storage and integration. Uers can publish Brains over the Internet.
Time and Chaos
Track your address book, appointment schedule and to do list from one screen with network support for shared databases.
Tree Notes
Accommodates any kind of data and organize it in a tree outline form using Explorer-like interface. Features search and replace, print, and merge.
Complete and personal writing software, a system of automated journals for daily writing and notebooks for all your ongoing writing.
WinCat Organizer
Organizer that is a planner and notepad combined in one application. It is a compact and easy-to-use notebook designed for storing various textual information. Track tasks and, program will notify of upcoming tasks.
YourSoft - HyperCalendar
Combines a calendar, a multimedia alarm clock, an encrypted rich text diary and sound recorder.
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