Category is for telephony products and services that particularly use speech processing/recognition over telephone lines or wireless mobile including IVR (interactive voice response) and call center processing.
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Active Phone Server
Personal phone assistant software - autodialer, forwards messages, records answers, e-mail checker, ISP dialer, Caller ID, event reminder.
Alternate Access
Provides e-business solutions for companies who value the telephone as their communication lifeline to customers.
Artix Line Inc.
Specializes in development of telephony software based on Intel/Dialogic boards such as fax servers, voice and fax messaging. News and pricing information. Based in Russia.
ASA Solutions
Provides IVR systems and voice XML for companies wanting communication through their interactive menus. Description of products and services, corporate information.
Call Center Consultancy in India
Wide ranging call center consultancy includes web design and networking practices. Based in Chennai, India.
Call Center Technology
Creates interactive technology platforms and products for customer interaction. Listing of technology partners and business associates, news, careers, and support information.
Call Handling Services Ltd
Provides solutions to call handling problems for the private, public, and voluntary sectors.
Celtic Communications
Designs, develops, implements and supports integrated telephony solutions for small and mid-size enterprises including facilities for ACD, wireless LAN, unified messaging and call analysis. Site has a 'telephony glossary of terms'.
Computer Assisted Telephony Systems
Provider of interactive voice response and CTI solutions, voice mail, fax-on-demand, Web design. IBM Business Partner in South Africa
Computer telephony voice cards
Intel Dialogic voice cards, voice and fax cards by Rhetorex and Pika technologies, voice mail software and fax broadcasting software packages.
Supplier of call center and computer telephony software products to organizations in markets world-wide.
DSP Group, Inc.
Supplier of speech recognition hardware for telephone applications.
EasyIVR Voice Services
EasyIVR is an IVR outsourcing and voice broadcasting service center. Campaigns can be managed online, including reporting and message management.
Provides solutions for converting email messages into high quality human voice messages that are then delivered to a telephone number that you specify. Pricing information, answers to frequently asked questions, and affiliates.
Specializes in the development of voice systems and provides application development tools. TeleFlow development software, available for download, can be used to create voice applications and portals.
Enterprise Integration Group.
A consulting and design firm for IVR and VoiceXML applications.
Provides development of custom IVR and virtual receptionist services with a fully hosted service. Features, demo, and plans.
IBM WebSphere Software
Enables developers to develop and deploy voice-enabled e-business solutions.
Specializes in developing custom interactive voice response (IVR) applications. Description of IVR solutions, and vendor, supplier, and software information.
Provider of advanced IP contact solutions focusing on Cisco and other voice leading portal platforms. Listing of partners, employment opportunities, case studies, and news and events.
Provides a PC-based speech system for businesses, distributors and service providers. Products include ArtiSpeech - a software program that integrates directly into any TeleVantage 6 server to speech enable call directory, email, voicemail, and IVR.
Message Technologies, Inc.
IVR programs for patient compliance, locators, and event registration with integrated marketing support.
Nemesysco Voice Analysis Tools
Develops vocal lie-detectors, emotion-detectors and love-detectors for various uses such as security, fraud-prevention, border check points, customs points, banks, insurance companies and private uses.
NG Communications
Provides user-managed communication services to organizations and individuals.
Nuance Communications
Develops speech recognition, voice authentication, text-to-speech and VoiceXML based voice-browsing products and development tools for telephone access.
German-based provider of measuring systems that determine perceived voice, audio and video quality of bandwidth limited channels and compression schemes.
Parlance Coproration
Provides speech-enabled communication solutions. Services, company, and partner information.
Computer telephony applications specialist providing turnkey CT solutions such as information portals, automated account access, outbound dispatch messaging and VBVoice, a RAD tool for building wired and wireless CT applications.
PushCall B.V.
Provides a browser based calling solution. News and product overviews.
The SIP School
SIP training courses and SIP Certification testing. Listing of course offerings.
Speech Design Carrier Systems
German based company providing wide variety of speech based services: multimedia messaging, voice mail, mobile solutions, SMS-to-voice, text-to-speech, mailbox, call center auto-attendant, music-on-hold, telefonanlage, anrufbetreuung, sprachspeicher, anrufbeantworter, wartemusik.
SpeechSoft, Inc
SpeechSoft provides CT Software for Windows 2000, NT, with Voicemail, Attendant, IVR, OutDial and Faxback.
Symago IVR
Provides design, implemention, and support for interactive voice response (IVR / VRU) systems and contact center technologies of multiple vendors such as Generations, Periphonics, and Speechworks.
TelXL Limited
Wholesale provider of intelligent call-handling solutions to the reseller community. Overview of products and services and technology demonstration.
Vail Systems
Develops and hosts carrier-grade VoIP and PSTN communications solutions utilizing speech recognition and text-to-speech. Services include: next-generation IVR systems, managed call routing, IP voice conferencing, IP Centrex, enhanced voice mail, outbound call campaign automation, and VoiceXML applications.
Versay Solutions
Develops caller speech solutions. Full lifecycle support - from application discovery to custom development and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.
Vio Group Telecommunications
Provides voice and data networks, in addition to a variety of security equipment, to both the public and private UK sectors. Telecommunication and security services information.
Virtual Hold Technology
Innovative IVR callback software which uses speech recognition to schedule a live person call back rather than having customer wait in the on hold queue forever. Also includes ability to post a return call time "meter" to customer's browser.
Markets software that enables voice and multimedia communications over packetized networks, the Internet and intranets. Also develops open systems to bridge the Internet to the public switched telephone network.
Voice Elements
Provides .NET telephony application software and tools to build voice solutions.
Voice Relay
Offers a voice and text messaging service. On-line voice broadcasting demo.
The Voice User Interface Company
Consultancy that provides expertise in the design, development and evaluation of telephony based voice user interfaces. Specializes in the details of dialog design, grammar development, voice branding, dialog failure recognition strategies.
West Interactive
Automated call center solutions and interactive voice response applications. Services, markets, and resources.
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