The name of Apple's personal communicator, or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). In its day, the Newton was truly revolutionary, and even in its demise, it continues to have a strong community behind it.
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Backlight 4 You
Initiated by the Independent Newton Support (INS) Backlight 4 You developed a high quality Backlight replacement-kit for the APPLE MessagePad 2000 / 2100.
iTunes plug-in for Apple Newton
This plug-in will give OS9 with iTunes 1 or 2 the ability to sync music to the Apple Newton.
My Apple Newton
A repository for storing comparisons with other mobile devices, links to other Newton information and software sources.
Newton Blogging for the Original Green Tablet
A weblog updated on a regular basis concerning the Apple Newton. Soon to be home to the Newtonscript Tutorials as well as many files for the aspiring Newton developer.
Newton Book Maker
Tips and Tricks for making Newton books.
The Newton Data Browser
Now your Newton can dock with your Mac or PC over a TCP/IP connection, allowing for direct editing of soups, installation of packages, and use of desktop keyboard on the Newton.
Newton Does It
A collection of Apple Newton links ranging from Newton software and hardware to FAQs and Tips and Tricks.
Newton dose
A weblog from Newton developer Daniel Padilla, updated often with information surrounding the Apple Newton.
Newton Reference
A useful, but aged, categorized collection of software.
The largest and longest-running community of Newton users, dedicated to the discussion of the Newton line of handheld computers and related products.
Original Green Tablet Newton Programming
Dedicated to entry level Newtonscript programming with a focus on simple games for the Newton. Large selection of links, source code, and programming information.
The United Network of Newton Archives
The definitive home for the serious Newton user, an incredibly selection of Newton software, system updates, and information categorized for easy access.

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