An open source, handheld, StrongARM powered, 32 MB RAM, $200 computer being developed in India for sale and use in Third World countries.
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Encore Software Limited: Simputer
Specifications, news and where to buy their Simputer.
Handheld PC bridges digital divide
Indian scientists invent cheap device enabling poor and illiterate to surf internet. [The Guardian]
Indian handheld to tackle digital divide
Indian scientists and engineers develop a handheld computer to help the poor and illiterate join the information age. [BBC News]
PicoPeta Simputers
A simple handheld to bridge India's digital divide. [Technology Review]
The Simputer Project
Aims at developing low cost access device that can pervade the rural landscape, especially in third world countries.
Simputer's Ajit Anvekar: Keeping up the Open Source 'josh'
Ajit R. Anvekar didn't grow up with a computer, in fact, he bought his own PC only about two years ago, but he has already contributed to one of the best examples of Open Source's potential effect on the digital divide. []
Wikipedia: Simputer
Presents the computer and provides information about its deployment, its weaknesses, and its current status.
Yahoo Groups: Simputer
Mailing list for discussions related to the Simputer. - Simputer: Not for the common man any more
Three years ago, the Simputer was the biggest story to come out of the Indian IT industry. This is an update on its development and marketing. (October 17, 2003)
'Poor-man's computer' to educate young Indians
The first assignment of a poor man's hand-held computer, developed in Bangalore, is to bring basic education to tribal children in central India. [Asia Times] (September 22, 2001)
Simple Inexpensive Mobile Computer: The Simputer
Sachin Karol links to this Time Asia report about the Simputer. [Slashdot] (May 02, 2001)
A Simple Plan
From Bangalore comes a spirited attempt to bring computers to the gigabyte-less masses. [] (April 30, 2001)
Simputer: the computer for the masses
For sheer versatility, the thingamajig is streets ahead of other gizmos. It's simple, it's portable. At about Rs 9,000 per piece, it's highly affordable. [] (April 01, 2001)
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