Widely believed to be the strongest player ever, in 1985 at age 22 Kasparov became the youngest-ever World Chess Champion. However, like Bobby Fischer, controversy seems to follow him. He broke away from the long-standing "official" chess organization body, FIDE, to create several of his own organizations to run his own world championships. Beyond his interests in chess, Kasparov is an accomplished mathematician and computer expert who speaks 15 different languages. He has authored four books and has gained international recognition as a prominent spokesperson for political, educational and social reforms in Eastern Europe.
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1996 Biography
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Features commentary and article links: Lead coach for World team Irina Krush recommended a move to prevent Kasparov from winning. This move was not shown in time, a different move was played, and Kasparov won.
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Gary Kasparov won the world chess championship at 22. Now 41, he announced his retirement earlier this month after winning a tournament in Spain for the ninth time. He tells Robert Siegel he's interested in playing a role in pushing Russia toward democracy. [4:18 streaming audio broadcast] (March 18, 2005)
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