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Dungeons & Dragons is the original role-playing game. In its 40+ years, it has gone through several revisions. The current version of the rules is the Fifth Edition, but there are people who still play all of the various editions.
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Wizards of the Coast: Dungeons and Dragons
Information about current and upcoming official products.
The Acaeum
Descriptions and estimated values for gaming collectibles.
ADnD Downloads
Contains resources such as new spells, classes, and feats. Accepts submissions.
D&D Blogs
Dungeons and Dragons blog articles from across the web.
Newsgroup's Frequently Asked Questions list.
D&D Wiki
The Wiki is community created and dedicated to all things Dungeons and Dragons including information on various editions, campaign settings, and source books.
DMA Library
An archive containing material for the Dungeon Master's Assistant program in HTML format.
DnD Adventurers League
Organized play system. Brings together D&D play under one cohesive storyline.
Dominus Dracon Delectare
Information on digital games, motion pictures and utilities for the Dungeons and Dragons role playing games.
The DragonDex
A fan-compiled index of all of the print editions of Dragon Magazine.
Dungeons & Dragons at BRFM
Recorded table top sessions from U.K. radio station.
Dungeons and Dragons Wiki
General information on the various editions, campaign settings, and sourcebooks. An author-centric homebrew community.
Heroes Only
Adventures, new classes, races, monsters, spells, and new rules for the old D&D rules set.
The Kind GM
Chris: game master, tabletop gaming blogger, writer, gamer, fan of nerdy stuff, cartographer.
Kuronons' Dungeons and Dragons collections
Blog about published Dungeons & Dragons properties that aren't rule books. Vintage items, comics, video games, puzzle reviews.
Player Alignment in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Site examines the ways that ethics are expressed and used in the Dungeons and Dragons game.
Blog with roleplaying tips, DM advice, webcomics, stories, and merchandise.
24 Amazing, Homemade Dungeons & Dragons Maps
Posted by Eric Grundhauser to Atlas Obscura. (November 14, 2018)

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