Hero Games' Hero System was the first universal roleplaying system, predating GURPS by several years. Characters are designed with points spent on characteristics, skills, and powers, and gotten from disadvantages. Powers are generic and effect-based -- combinations of advantages and limitations are meant to produce any conceivable playable effect. The Hero System began with its most popular member, the super-hero game Champions, but also includes Danger International, Espionage, Fantasy Hero, Justice Inc., Robot Warriors, Star Hero, and Western Hero.
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Surbrook's Stuff
Contains character write-ups, anime and manga "worldbooks," and an art gallery.
Circle of Heroes
A web ring linking sites that are of particular interest to Hero System players.
Gary Kleppe's Champions Page
House rules for Present-day Superheroes; Star Force (Future Agents); Galactic Guardians (Future Superheroes); and Future Rebels. Ranma Hero: a Champions campaign based on the Ranma 1/2 Manga, including 14 writeups.
Hero Games Company
Official home of Hero Games, publisher of the Hero System, Champions, and co-publisher of Fuzion/Champions: The New Millennium.
Kestrel Enterprises Role Playing Games Page
Christopher Taylor: Hero house rules (inc 0 cost MA, skill learning); Fantasy Hero Haran campaign background zip files (Grimoire, Intro, Weapons, Equipment, Armor, Herbs, Elf Archers, Dwarves, Paladins); beautiful art sketches.
The Official Haymaker! Homepage
Haymaker! is an amateur press association magazine (APAzine, or fanzine) about Champions and the rest of the Hero System founded in 1992. It is a collaborative effort of many of Hero System's best authors, and is a proving ground for many story ideas, characters, mechanics, general rules, or whatever the contributors want to write about.
The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of
Home of the Champions Mailing List (4 week archive). "Justice League of Alabama" campaign site: writeups and annals. Hero and Superhero Amazon on-line book store. 20 package deals, 2 Fantasy Hero magic systems, 50 items, jousting. 13 comic book writeups. Cardboard Heroes jpegs. MSH SAGA to Hero conversion.
The Wild Hunt
Ghost Archer and the Wild Hunt: superhero campaign in the San Francisco Bay area. Tribute to the Uncanny X-Men. Hundreds of character write ups, picture galleries. Tark's Fantasy Hero pages including large general store of item costs and weights. Hero System rules page.
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