Games of answering knowledge questions, often obscure.
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The Trivia Portal
A collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes. Includes rankings, community forums, an archive of useless facts, plus the ability to create and share trivia games online.
Offers individual and team challenges, with member submissions, forums, and FAQ.
Trivia quiz show game played against computer opponents. Categories include pop music, movies, geography, science, computer, literature, and classical music.
Anne's Quizzes
Set of educational trivia quizzes on a variety of specialty subjects. Includes automatic scoring, and references.
Trivia game affiliated with charities. For each correct answer, a donation is made to help plant trees and fight global warming.
The Book Quiz
One minute games to test your literary knowledge. Match ten book titles to their authors.
Braingle's Trivia and Quizzes
Take fun and interesting quizzes on a wide range of topics. Create your own quizzes for other people to test their knowledge.
Cascoly Online Trivia Games
Set of quizzes covering topics that include art, geography, history, Shakespeare, dinosaurs, and travel.
Cornerstone Trivia
Interactive twelve question quiz on a new topic each week. Answer a tough weekly bonus question for a position in the Trivia Hall of Fame.
Quizzes that fall into one of the following three categories - Music, Movie/TV or World.
Create and play quiz games.
How Well Do You Know
Varied range of quizzes in categories including movies, sci-fi, TV and individual filmstars.
India Quiz
All questions are about India. Free registration is necessary in order to participate.
Irishness Quiz
Try the quiz from and about Ireland. Just how Irish are you?
Karnataka Quiz Association
India quiz society site offering general knowledge trivia quizzes and information about the organization.
The Key to World Peace Legend And Cartoon Buddy Club General Knowledge Encyclopedia of Time
Featuring history, trivia facts, chronology, pictures, and stories mixed with a blend of humour, cartoon characters and fun.
Exclusively devoted to maps. Requires identification of countries, states and capitals by drag-and-drop method.
Collection of brainteaser quiz questions, personality tests, and a random riddle generator.
Biography and trivia quizzes that are about famous people. All quizzes are written by visitors to the site.
Picture Quiz
Featuring rare and unusual photographs, plus answers.
Interactive trivia games for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays. Also contains puzzles, strategy and card games.
Personality tests and scored quizzes provided by visitors. Functionality to create your own quizzes.
User generated picture quizzes and puzzles played for points. Registration allows later completion of unfinished games.
Collection of online trivia quizzes in a wide variety of categories. Includes a daily word search, crossword puzzle, and daily quizshow games.
Free quizzes for fun on a wide range of topics, also available on WAP enabled mobile phones.
Play free online trivia quizzes about geography, history, sports, music, and entertainment.
Take A Quiz
Collection of interactive trivia quizzes covering a variety of topics. Also offers general knowledge, science, and geography quizzes for kids, organized by age level.
Top Noggin
Trivia for journalers including random facts and community news.
Trivia Addicts
Interactive trivia quizzes in which players submit full text answers. Offers a large database of general knowledge questions, plus a few specialist categories. Play via the Web, WAP, IRC, or handheld device.
Trivia Bliss
A collection of trivia questions, compiled by a Jeopardy contestant.
Trivia Cafe
Features a daily and weekly set of general knowledge trivia questions. Offers question sets for sale, and information on team trivia events.
Trivia Champ
Interactive trivia games and printable trivia quizzes in various formats
Users can create their own quizzes about any topic. Answer five trivia questions each day to earn "Crowns" and prizes.
Collection of interactive trivia quizzes covering geography, movies, and pop music.
Twenty new questions in each of 5 categories every day. Registration is necessary but it is free.
Truth is False
Interactive trivia quiz uncovering the truth behind common historical facts and myths. Includes answers with reference links.
The Ultimate Trivia Quiz
Offers a variety of different quiz categories.
Useful Trivia
A collection of fun trivia quizzes, categorized by subject.
The World Quiz
A series of quizzes with multiple difficulties on three topics.

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