Malignant tumors of the lungs.
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Offers a list of frequently asked questions of the disease, basic information and statistics.
Columbus Regional Hospital - Lung Institute
The Lung Institute at Columbus Regional Hospital is the first Indiana hospital to use the inReach superDimension/Bronchus system along with Cellvizio technology for the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.
Duke Medicine
Offers a description of the disease as well as diagnostic tests, treatments, and research available at Duke University.
Faces of Lung Cancer
To build public awareness of lung cancer, four national cancer organizations are uniting to launch a nationwide lung cancer awareness campaign. The goals of the campaign are to promote better diagnosis and treatment of the disease, increase research funding, and publicize medical advances and support services that can help reduce the deaths and suffering associated with lung cancer.
Gflcco(Giardina Family Lung Cancer Cure Org
Web site loaded with info and insite related to lung cancer provided by a current survivor. GFLCCO is a non for profit dedicated to finding a cure for lung cancer through raising funds for research and direct support to patients and their families.
Health Talk
Provides information about lung cancer through videos of people sharing their personal stories dealing with the disease.
In Memoriam: Maggie Geib
Are you or a loved one suffering from terminal cancer? This page contains some pertinent poems and commentary about what it means to be sick and to die well.
Lung Cancer Alliance
A directory of lung cancer information and resources for patients and their families.
Lung Cancer Dissertation
A scholarly work by Will Roberts, Medical Student at Leicester University, UK.
Lung Cancer Information Centre
Overview of disease, different types of lung cancer, diagnosis, treatment options, clinical trials, resources, and support.
Lung Cancer News From Medical News Today
Press releases and news stories, in feed format. [RSS]
Lung Cancer Resources Directory
Information and links about causes and prevention, molecular biology and specialist organizations.
Lung Cancer Screening at Mount Sinai
Provides unparalleled depth and breadth of research and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat lung diseases.
Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy
Journal focusing on lung cancer research, identification of therapeutic targets and the optimal use of preventative and integrated treatment interventions to achieve improved outcomes.
Lung Nodule Detection Using Template-Matching Technique
Description of a simple technique for computer-aided diagnosis of lung nodules in chest radiographic images.
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center: Lung Cancer
Provides access to information about prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and stories of survivors.
Mayo Clinic: Lung Cancer
Includes a description of this disease, its symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and coping strategies.
Medicine World: Lung Cancer
Presents information on the disease including links, news, types, symptoms and prognosis.
MedicineNet: Lung Cancer
Gives information in a fact-sheet format covering several areas of interest regarding diagnosis and treatment.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Information on lung cancer risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, and support for patients and survivors.
NHS Choices: Lung Cancer
Provides a short video and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and prevention.
Progetto bioMILD
Progetto Biomild diagnosi precoce tumore al polmone con analisi del sangue
Our physicians are board certified in Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine to provide premier care and treatment for breathing and chest disorders such as emphysema and bronchitis, and for sleep related issues. Lung Cancer
Updated collection of news articles about tobacco use, lung cancer, research, and treatment.
UAB Medicine
Contains a database of lung cancer specialists.
WebMD: Lung Cancer Center
Includes information about the disease, recent news, its symptoms, causes, risk factors, and complications.

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