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Atlanta Vision Loss Center
About the Center and its mission to improve the function, independence, and quality of life of veterans.
BiOptic Driving Network
Information about driving with bioptics. List of vendors, success stories and training details.
Eye Institute of Canada
Offers low vision care by optometrists who specialize in low vision rehabilitation and low vision devices.
Large Print Reviews
Reviews of large print and audio books and other items of interest to individuals with low vision. Plus, articles on eye health and low vision travel.
Low Vision
Resource center aims to improve the quality of life for those who are visually impaired through awareness, resources, and solutions. Includes helpful tips for coping with visual impairment, details about eye conditions, and news. Also questions may be asked of Dr. Lynne Noon.
The Low Vision Gateway
Support site which provides access to related information on the Internet.
Low Vision Information Center
Practical information on coping with visual impairment. Offers tips and strategies for maximizing remaining sight.
Too Young for Glasses and Eye Patching?
Infants and toddlers successfully wearing glasses and eye patch. Ideas and information includes advice for gentle teaching, and positive reinforcement: Increase usage gradually, in highly visual, active (not passive)play.
VisionAWARE Self-Help for Vision Loss
Provides practical self-help information and links to a wide range of helpful resources for adults with vision loss, their family members, and those who work with them.
Wikipedia - Low Vision
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article provides information about causes, treatments, assistive aids and resources.
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