Legionellosis, also known as Legionnaires' Disease, is a pulmonary disease caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila. It is transmitted by droplets from contaminated water sources.
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CDC: Legionellosis
Factsheet with cause, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.
eMedicine - Legionella Infection
Article by Mobeen Rathore, MD
eMedicine - Legionellosis
Article by Lynn E Sullivan, MD.
eMedicine - Legionnaires Disease
Article by Frank Smeeks, MD, FAAEM.
The European Working Group for Legionella Infections
Includes disease information, surveillance information, reports, and links.
Legionnaires' Disease
Caused by Legionella bacteria. Includes outbreaks and clinical information.
Legionnaires' Disease
Factsheet on this rare form of pneumonia, its symptoms, complications, causes, diagnosis and treatment.
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Legionnaire's Disease
Features cause, symptoms, tests, treatment, prognosis and prevention.
MedlinePlus: Legionnaires' Disease
Directory of factsheets, articles, and news.
Medmicro: Legionella
Scientific and medical information on the bacteria and the disease it causes.
The Merck Manual: Pneumonia of Legionnaires' Disease
Includes signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
MicrobeWiki: Legionella
Classification, description and significance, genome structure, cell structure, metabolism and ecology.
NHS Choices: Legionnaires' Disease
Provides information on this potentially fatal lung infection. Includes details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and prevention.
OSHA Technical Manual - Legionnaires' Disease
Information to assist industrial hygienists in the assessment of work sites for potential Legionnaires' disease. Provides information on disease recognition, investigation procedures to identify probable water sources, and control strategies.
OSHA: Legionnaires' Disease
Provides an eTool designed to assist industrial hygienists in the assessment of worksites for potential Legionnaires' disease.
Patient UK: Legionella and Legionnaires' Disease
Provides information on this serious pulmonary infection, including its pathophysiology, epidemiology, presentation, differential diagnosis, investigation, management, prognosis and prevention.
Patient UK: Legionnaires' Disease
Factsheet with information on this disease and on Pontiac fever, a milder illness caused by the same bacteria. Includes sources, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
WHO: Legionella and the Prevention of Legionellosis
Report from the World Health Organization written in 2007. [PDF]

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