This category is for sites about collecting or restoring vintage Broadcast band and multi-band consumer-type radio receivers. Many collectors like to perform their own restoration of the electronics and cabinets, and then share their collections and experiences with others through a web site. These personal collections are often the only source of information about some models.
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The "Radio and Television" subcategories, with a large collection of vintage print advertisements dating from the '20s to the '50s. Each image is scanned in color, at 72 and 150 dpi resolutions, and they give information about the source publication.
Antique Radio Classifieds
Publication for buyers and sellers of old radios.
Antique Radio Webring
Web sites about collecting, buying, selling, and trading vintage and antique radios.
Antique Radios Online
A site for collectors and restorers of vintage and collectible radios. On-line forums, resources, and chat, supported by a dedicated and experienced membership.
Atwater Kent Radio
Features history, pictures by model, advertising, schematics and items for sale.
LaM31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios
Photos, graphics and information on American, Japanese, and European transistor radios from the golden age of the transistor radio, 1954 - 1962.
National Valve Museum
Online collection of thermionic valves with photos.
Nostalgia Air
Large free online resource for antique and vintage radios, with over fifty thousand pages of scanned Riders schematics, service manuals, tube cross reference, articles, and forums.
Phil's Old Radios
Covers a variety of am, shortwave and amateur band receivers.
The Philco Repair Bench
Chuck Schwark provides many resources for the Philco radio collector and restorer, ranging from parts cross-references, to service information on some of the more obscure features such as the "Beam-Of-Light" tonearm pickup, and an identification guide for early cathedral models.
Radio Boys
An article by James D. Keeline about the series of juvenile novels written by several ghostwriters under the pen name of "Allen Chapman" and others in the 1920s. Includes images of original covers.
Austrian radio history, with a profile of Eng. Franz Zehetner (1907-1986) and his radio and television products, with photographs and advertising copy. [Mostly German, but with some English text]
Silver, Sounds, and Stuff
An archive of over 1000 photos of antique radios, information on future and past club meetings and auctions, and reference material for repairing old sets.
Vintage Radio and Audio Pages
Brian McAllister's restoration resources, in the form of high-resolution GIF images of service notes and schematics for many radios, audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, phonos, and tuners. He has a special section for several German radios (Grundig and Telefunken).
Vintage Radio Resources
Information and resources for the collecting restoring and repairing of vintage radios, valve or transistor. Includes a photo gallery.
VK2DYM Military Radio and Radar Information Site.
Technical information, photos and history of Australian military and domestic radio and lesser known equipment, publications and events.
WA2ISE Old Radios
Information, pictures and schematics. History of the All-American 5. Includes modifications, and sub-miniature tube info.
Worldwide Vintage Wireless Database
Mainly UK and North American sets from the 1920s to the 1960s. Picture galleries include thousands of photographs of radios, devices (valves or tubes) and device boxes.

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