The Delorean was built by John Z. Delorean from 1981 to 1983 in Northern Ireland. It's infamous for its sleek design, gull-wing doors, and its troubled corporate history. The Delorean became extremely popular in 1985 after it was featured in Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.
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Bob Rodger's DeLorean Page
DeLorean books, how to buy a DeLorean, and how to insure a DeLorean.
DeLorean Archive
Some unique pictures of historical DeLorean items.
DeLorean DMC-12 - Wikipedia
Learn more about the DeLorean.
DeLorean Mac Mini
The Delorean Mac Integration. View Ryan Brandy's project of installing a personal computer and movie theater in his Delorean.
The DeLorean Museum
Virtual displays, with plans for a future physical museum, honoring the accomplishments of John Z. DeLorean through the display, interpretation, conservation, and preservation of DeLorean vehicles. News, board of directors, and store.
DeLorean Ownership & Upkeep Blog
Ownership and upkeep blog of a 1981 Delorean DMC-12
DeLorean Time Machine Rental
Photos and video of the Minneapolis based Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine rental which services events in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and other nearby locations.
The DeLorean WebRing
Webring for easy navigation of sites relating to the DeLorean.
DMC-12 Information
Information about VIN 6530, plus customization how-to's such as adding a driving computer.
DMC-News & The DML
Home page for the DeLorean Mailing List. Includes a complete and searchable archive, and many technical guides.
IN2TIME Towing is the owner and operator of the original DeLorean Tow Truck.
My DMC-12
Cross-reference information and service procedures.
Project Vixen
Follow the journey of DeLorean VIN #05927 from a basket case to an award-winning show car.
Project: Steelskin
Information about a custom DeLorean transformer named Steelskin.
The Projects of Rich W.
A DeLorean 4x4, DeLorean Limousine, Convertible, and Hovercraft.
The Quintessential DeLorean Website
Information on the car, the man, and books.
Tamir's DeLorean Site
Pictures and video of custom and damaged autos. View previous car shows and download historical documents. Also contains articles.

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