Beer bottle caps, crown caps, bottle tops, or what ever you call them: Everything that has been on a beer bottle fits in this category. Links to sites with beer as well as soda caps will stay here for the moment, until we've found a better place for them.
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Alice E Rolando's Page
Crown Caps Page
Austrian Beer Cap Collectors Page
Images of over 10,000 caps from numerous countries. Includes trade list.
Beppe's Used Crown Caps Collection
Collection and trade caps.
Bottle Cap Index
Search engine for online bottle cap collections, with more than 270'000 entries.
The Bottle Cap Man
USA bottle cap collector with hundreds of soda and beer bottle caps listed for sale or trade. Bottle cap club information.
Displaying hundreds of soda and beer bottle caps, with information about each cap.
Personal homepage of US crowncap collector Eric Budesheim. Page includes trade-stock and portions of the collection.
Capsules de Bières Francaises
A great Database of French Beer crowncaps, old and new caps, in cooperation with many collectors from all the world.
Celestial Crown Cap
Contains images, trade links and general information about collecting crowns.
The Collectors Ressource Website
A website for collectors to gather information about other collectors and find trade partners & a very useful website of picture caps.
Crown Cap Gal
Canadian Cap Collector with hundreds of trade caps and a collection with over 80 countries.
Crown Caps Celebration
Their collection, trading information, and trading images. A banner is also available to those traders who list banners in their link pages.
Crown Caps Collector Christian T.'s website
Great Site including a collections, trade and collector info.
Images and information regarding the crown caps in my collection. Over 2500 caps from more than 150 countries.
A big community to collect and trade crown caps with people around the world.
Crown cap page of Cliff Adderton, A collector from the UK.
Crown Caps: Heritage of Bottled Drinks
Davide's Crown Caps Homepage
A collectors personal website with collectionpages sorted by country and useful information
Fred's Crown Cap Site
a catalog, trades, links page
Collectors' list, Lithuanian caps and caps from all around the world as well as caps for exchange.
Manuela Maiwald's Trade Pages
Jan Adamczyk Crown Caps Collection
A collection of bottle caps with over 5000 pieces, contact information.
Karl-Heinz Blümm German Site
Featuring a big collection of austrian and deutch caps
Kees Booij's
A Dutch collector presents his crown caps, with many links, thematic crown caps, water caps and trade list.
Kevin's Bottle Cap Collection
A collection of bottle caps (crown caps) from around the world, including various countries in southern Africa.
Website featuring collection, trades and links for collectors.
Marcel's Beer Cap Collection
Swiss collector with over 4500 scanned caps, geographical search for caps, trading list, cap identification.
Mike's Homepage
Featuring his collection, trade partners and the countries from which he wants to acquire caps.
Nils & Juergen THELEN Crown Caps Page
Collectors from France with pages from crownventions and trade caps
Pierrot's Bottle Caps
French crown caps collector, with collection list and pictures. [French/English]
Piotr Kozlowski's Website
Features pictures of cap organized by country as well as a trades list.
Collection of historic and current Hutter stoppers of beer bottles from breweries worldwide (more than 7000 pictures from over thirty different countries).
Renno's Beer Cap Page
Dutch collector lists over 11,000 beer caps in his collection, with images of Dutch and Belgian caps.
Tino's Korkenseite
German bottle cap collector, cap gallery with over 17.000 pictures.
Wim Spijker's Crown Cap Collection
Collector of crown caps, both beer and non beer. Featuring a gallery of Dutch beer caps.
Worldwide Crowncaps
A selection of old/rare bottle caps from Gadola bros. collection

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