There are numerous people who would like to teach you the wonders of scuba diving, but who will you trust to teach you everything that you need to know, and do so safely? Training Agencies are the guys that set these standards.
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BSAC - British Sub Aqua Club
A sports diver training agency, teaching via the club principle, with more than 400 schools and 55,000 members in over 50 countries.
DRI / Dive Rescue International
Dive Rescue International 28 certification levels in SCUBA rescue, recovery and underwater investigation to law enforcement, fire rescue, SAR and EMS personnel, since 1977.
ESA European Scuba Agency
International diving training agency which provides programs, products and services to diving professionals. Includes description of certifications, recognitions, news, and contact information.
Global Underwater Explorers
Organized to provide the diver with safety oriented diving programs with an emphasis on environmental protection and personal enjoyment.
HSA International
The Handicapped Scuba Association is an independent training and certifying agency that specializes in recreational diving for people with disabilities.
NAUI - National Association of Underwater Instructors
International nonprofit training organization with certifications from skin diver through instructor course director. Includes information about courses, policies, and dive centers.
PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors
International organization with certifications ranging from snorkeling to course director. Information about their online courses and community, dive centers, gear, and vacations.
PDIC - Professional Diving Instructors Corporation
An international training and certification agency with instructors and training facilities located worldwide.
Professional Scuba Inspectors.
PSI offers worldwide training in Visual Cylinder Inspection and High Pressures Cylinder Safety. Includes class schedule, inspector notices, and supplies.
SAA - The Sub-Aqua Association
Association of independent dive clubs in the United Kingdom. Includes information about courses, a schedule, a map of clubs, and photo galleries.
SSAC - Scottish Sub Aqua Club
The Governing Body for the sport of scuba diving in Scotland. Established in 1953 and proud holder of one of the best safety records in amateur diving.
SSI - Scuba Schools International
International organization offering training from snorkeling through Master Instructor. Includes course information, a schedule, online training, and a scuba rangers kids club.
TDI/SDI Middle East & Russia
Provides a full range of technical and recreational courses. Includes affiliate dive centers, news and events, and contact information.
World Underwater Federation
One of the oldest dive organizations in the world, and one that serves to coordinate standards among water sports and activities, including sub-diving, freediving, and spearfishing.
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