Domestic Canaries are descendants of the wild canaries brought to Europe from the Canary Islands in the 16th Century. Originally, these wild birds were caught for and kept by royalty as songbirds in cages. Through selective breeding many distinct canary breeds have been developed. Canaries are often kept as pets, but specialist show-varieties have been developed by dedicated breeders. Modern varieties are extremely diverse and are bred for: color, form and song. Song Canaries include: Spanish Timbrado, German Roller, Belgian Waterslager, American Singer, and more. Type Canaries include: Norwich, Border, Fife, Lizard, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Gloster, and more. Colored Canaries include: Lipochrome and Melanin in Yellow Ground, White Ground and Red Factor; Dimorphics, more.
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Australian Fife Canary
Articles, photos, tips, and tricks aimed at the canary owner operating under Australian conditions.
The Canary Cage
Breeder of all colors and many breeds. Located in southern Illinois.
Canary Tales
Practical advice and management from Linda Hogan, whose book 'The Canary Tales' is a modern classic. Offers advice on nutrition, genetics, health, breeding tips.
Fife Canaries by Terry Kelly
Offers tips on class breeding, rearing, showing and feeding.
Fife Fancy Canary
Devoted to the Fife Fancy canary, with photographs and tips on breeding and management, by German fancier Frank Parakenings.
Gloster Queen Creations
A site dedicated to the love of Gloster canaries and birds bred to the Gloster canary standard.
House of Crests
Homepage of Don Perez, a noted American breeder and exhibitor of Gloster canaries.
Zuiderse Frise
Raises birds commonly known as "Southern Frills" or "Zuiderse Frise" in Dutch. Photo gallery.

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