This category is for all sites related to American Cocker Spaniels. Please note that English Cocker Spaniels are listed in a different category. The American Cocker Spaniel category is broken down in to a number of sub-categories: breeders, clubs, pets, and rescue. The only sites that belong directly in the main American Cocker Spaniel category are sites that are general in nature and do not fit in to any of the sub-category topics. The largest sub-category contains American Cocker Spaniel breeders and it is broken down in to subcategories for each of the fifty United States and all other areas of the world.
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AKC Breed Standard
The official breed standard from the American Kennel Club.
The Cocker Spaniel Information Pages
Includes information for Cocker breeders including coat color genetics, Cocker health issues, and training.
The Cocker Spaniel Pages
Information on Cocker Spaniels, their care, rescue, wellbeing, and health.
Cockers Mailing List
Pictures, information about care, poems, memorial page, mailing list sign up, chat room, and links.
Council of Docked Breeds
Information about tail docking and why it is important in breeds such as the Cocker Spaniel.
Grooming Smarter
Practical advice on how to properly groom a Cocker Spaniel. Geared towards show dogs, pet owners may also find this helpful.
Merle Cockers
Information about one of the most unusual coat patterns found in Cocker Spaniels, and why you have to know what you're doing before breeding Merle Cocker Spaniels.
My Cocker Spaniel
Features a message board for Cocker enthusiasts, short videos of Cockers at play, and information about Cocker issues.
Versatile Cockers
A showcase for the Virtual Cockers listserve, which is made up of Cocker fanciers who participate in conformation showing, agility, flyball, obedience, therapy work, and field trials.

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