A working dog breed whose origins date back thousands of years in eastern Siberia. The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog, 35 to 60 pounds (16 to 27 kg) in weight, 20 to 23.5 inches (51 to 60 cm) in height, originally bred by the Chukchi tribes for use as a village dog, herding the reindeer, pulling sledges, and guarding the women and children.
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Colors of the Siberian Husky
Learn about the breed's many colors and see 250+ different Sibes with links to their owner's website or email address. Read the International Siberian Husky Club's article "Color Genetics", with links to the various colors. Also breed information, pictures, rescue links.
Huskies Domain
Informative site containing breed history, characteristics, temperament, care and training.
Is a Siberian Husky Right for You
Breed shortfalls including digging, and running.
Outlaw Ridge Sled Dogs
A pack of Siberian Huskies located in Voluntown, Connecticut, promoting sled dogs, and participating in mid-distance races in New England. [Not suitable for all browsers]
The Siberian Husky
An informational site about the Siberian Husky. History, information, pictures, and links.
Siberian Husky Information
Information on breed types, health, behaviour, and eye colors.
Siberian Husky Standard
American Kennel Club Breed Standard, including size, proportion, substance, general appearance, and temperament.
Siberian Husky World
A guide to Siberian Huskies including racing and showing Siberians, breed history, services, and breeders around the world.
The Sibernet-L Mailing List
A forum for the discussion of all topics related to Siberian Huskies, to meet public education needs, foster ethical breeding practices, and promote responsible dog ownership.
Team Tsuga Racing
Mid-distance sled dog team. Includes photos of the dogs with profiles, news, race and musher details, and sponsors list. Stinson Lake, New Hampshire.

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