For the listing of sites offering general information on Bettas, otherwise known as Siamese Fighting Fish.
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Aquaspud's Page On Breeding Better Bettas
Provides information on breeding bettas. A spawning record worksheet is included and can be downloaded for personal use.
Betta Aquarium 101
Writing about how to raise betta fish.
The Betta Column
Provides insight into the history and domestication of the species. Care, breeding, and fry rearing sections.
Betta Fish Care
A beginner's resource site on general Betta fish care, covering both the basics and specifics.
Betta Listserv
Includes an FAQ, and articles on care, diseases and breeding.
Betta Source
Information to betta keepers to create a greater community to promote keeping and breeding healthy and happy bettas.
Betta Territory
Information on betta splendens, covering genetics, colors, tail types, anatomy, and abbreviations.
Offers basic care and breeding information. Also includes videos and photo gallery.
Bettas 'R Us - Webring of Betta Sites
This ring is designed to link together active betta splendens websites, from the most informative to small, personal ones.
Bubblebest Betta Fish Hatchery
Information includes FAQ, health and general care, glossary of terms, and a stock shop.
A repository of questions and answers on all aspect of keeping bettas.
Danielle's Rare Betta Splendens
Information about Betta splendens fish - The fish general facts, care, male or female determination, breeding, diseases, and pictures.
Fishkeeping World - Crowntail Betta
Information about caring and breeding Crowntail Betta fish.
The IBC Species Maintenance Program
The International Betta Congress, IBC, is an organization dedicated to the keeping, breeding, showing, and protection of Betta splendens and wild type bettas.
Japanese Fighting Fish
Free guides and articles on Betta fish care.
Nippy Fish
Care sheets, general information and specific advice geared toward the beginner and intermediate enthusiast.
Orkim's Betta Page
Includes guides for catching and using wild daphnia as a food source, a photo gallery, and the stock shop of a breeder located in Malaysia.
Pacific Betta
Articles on care and breeding by two breeders in Singapore. Includes a picture gallery.
The Spruce - Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Fish)
Betta profile and article covering basic information about betta care, breeding, and diet.
Breeder of plakats. Website includes information on care, breeding, FAQs, and also features a photo gallery.
Walter's Vivarium
Vivarium tank with photos and information about its construction and inhabitants.
Wayne's Betta Pages
Betta care, breeding, health and foods from Wayne's This and That.
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