A category for DX groups and websites. DX'ing is a term used by radio enthusiasts to describe a hobby which involves receiving long distance radio signals. Shortwave radio listeners who tune in to a far away broadcasting station are DX'ing. A long distance conversation between amateur radio operators or CB radio operators is also called DX'ing. Conditions (weather, solar flares etc) must often be just right for successful DX'ing, so this hobby can be quite challenging.
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10 Meter Information
All about 10 meter propagation and beacons.
10-10 International
10-meter worldwide amateur group offers club and membership information, news, forums, activities, awards and links.
9H3MR and 9H3LEO Malta DXpedition 2005
Photo gallery, QSO statistics, log search and QSL cards of the 9H3MR and 9H3LEO DXpedition to Gozo Island.
Stories about contesting and IOTA trips from Malaysia. Downloads include an applet to create an on-line logbook. Includes audio clips from contests.
AA1V Amateur Radio DX and Contesting
Resource pages for ham radio DX and contest news and information. Includes band plans, propagation and software links.
Paul Maciel describes a 10 GHz and Up ARRL contest held in 2002. Includes photos. San Jose, California.
Alexander The Great Award
Available to hams and SWL's for confirming contacts/reports with three SV2 or onespecial call-prefixes (SX2,SW2,SZ2,SY2,J4) stations. Contains information on how to order.
Amateur Radio DXpeditions
Description of expeditions to remote areas with photos and logs.
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS)
Contains listings of every known light beacon in the world capable of supporting a ham radio station.
ARRL DX QSL Bureau System
Provides an introduction, how the system works and how to claim QSL cards.
Devoted to amateur radio competitions (contests).
CQ WPX Contest
The CQ WPX contest is a worldwide radio competition based on an award offered by CQ Magazine for working all prefixes. Held on the last weekend of March (SSB) and May (CW).
The California QSO Party (CQP) is the premier state QSO party held every year on the first weekend of October. The Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) has sponsored CQP for many years. Includes FAQ, history and all-time records.
CX2SA Radio
DXing via radio in radiotelephony (AM, SSB, FM), Morse code (CW) and other digital systems (PSK31, PACKET, APRS, RTTY, SSTV, MT63), as well as experimentation in electronic systems mainly in the area of transmission and reception of radio waves. Salto City, Uruguay.
Deon Erwin ZS1ZL
Complete details on 7P8DX, activated in Lesotho.
Compilation of several DXpeditions to Venezuelan Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Features a large collection of photos. [German and English]
Information about DXpeditions and contest trips. Also includes log searches and pictures.
DX Summit
DX spots and propagation information from RADIO Arcala, CR2X, OH8X AND OH0X.
DX World.net
Provides DX news, guest posts, images and movies.
Provides propagation reports, DX logs using search engine and IRC #CQDX Ham Radio Chat.
Site for DXcluster operators, development of DX cluster protocols and cluster software. Features DX Spider system download.
DXspots.com AE5E AR-Cluster
Distributes DX spots and WWV solar activity announcements via the web and via telnet.
Amateur radio web cluster with spots filter and alert service and some tools including propagation bulletins and DX calendar.
Real-time spotting of contacts on various frequencies including TV, FM and SW.
The EIDX Network
Provides Ohio/Penn DX bulletins, DXpedition photos and audio clips.
Electronic QSL Card Centre
Design a free or pay eQSL card online, and send and receive eQSL cards.
G0ISW HF/VHF DX Ultimate Resource Site
Propagation indicators, software, plus satellite, meteor scatter, aurora technical resources.
G3SWH QSL Management
Includes information on the Cambodian DX contest in August 2003 and 2012 DXpedition to Swaziland.
Greek Lighthouse Award
Provides information for Greek Lighthouses award, for amateur radio operators and DX awards or certificate hunting HAM and SWL.
DX activities and contest information from Turkey and Switzerland.
HF Propagation Primer
A Flash movie describing the basics of HF propagation across the globe. With text and animation.
Includes QSL manager and information, IOTA, log search, and tips and schemes for RTTY.
Internet Ham Atlas by SP6NVK
Provides downloadable maps and background information for nearly every DXCC entity. [English and Polish]
K0MOS: Summits on the Air (SOTA): Trip-reports
Summits on the Ait (SOTA) is an amateur radio program for mountaineers. K0MOS blogs about his SOTA activations in the US and around the world. Colorado.
K1BV DX Awards
Lists awards by country and provides tips and a standard application.
K2DSL - On the air
David in Waldwick, New Jersey gives a personal commentary on ham radio and contesting, and links.
2009 DXpedition to Desecheo Island (IOTA NA-095) - includes online log, daily updates and pictures.
Randy in Massachusetts has audio of contests, biography and photos of his ham shack.
Includes operating tips, contest scores and rules, QSL info, callsign look-ups, and DX packetclusters for contesters and DX'ers.
Yahoo-based discussion group provides a forum for LoTW (Logbook of The World) users to get technical help.
Includes station and DXpedition information, and contest scores.
NG3K Amateur Radio Contest/DX Page
Resources for contesting and DX.
Northern Greece Contest Team
DX awards program and contesting information, DXCC, and regional links.
NW7US Amateur and Shortwave Radio Command Center
Contains amateur and short wave listener forums, propagation information, CW links and gallery of QSL cards.
NØHR.com DXpedition Map
Interactive map and listing of upcoming ham radio DXpeditions, plus downloads and amateur radio information.
OH0 and OJ0 N4GN DX Expedition
N4GN based in Louisville, Kentucky provides information on expedition to Aland Islands and Market Reef sponsored by DX Foundation. Includes log databases.
Pitcairn DXpedition
Three-month long DXpedition by Jukka Heikinheimo OH2BR to the most remote inhabited island.
Radiowave Propagation Center
Solar and terrestrial information (live, and historic), used for radio science, earth science, and related fields.
Information on the DXpeditions of team RZ1CWC includes photos and details of the "Russian Lakes" Award (RLA) and European Castles Day (ECD). [English and Russian]
Contesting station based in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Contains photos and awards.
Reg includes personal information, DX interests, content of the ham shack with photos and photos and information on the Fox Mountain repeater, VE7ZIG.
VP6DX - Ducie Island 2008
2008 DXpedition to Ducie Island (IOTA OC-182).
W9DC Island and Lighthouse Award Resource
Resource for learning about international ham radio island award programs.
WRTC 2010
Official homepage of the 2010 World Radio Team Championship in Russia.
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