Recreation Radio Scanning
From the FAQ, written by Bob Parnass, AJ9S: Every day and night, scanner hobbyists are entertained by what they overhear on their radios. Police cars, fire engines, ambulances, airplanes, armored cars, trains, taxis, and buses are all equipped with radios and you can listen to them. You can monitor the local sheriff and fire departments to hear about events "as they happen," before the news reporters hear about them. Hostage dramas, bank robberies, car crashes, chemical spills, neighbor and domestic disputes, tornado sightings are all fair game. In a single afternoon, you can hear a high speed police chase, Drug Enforcement agents on a sting operation, and undercover FBI agents as they stakeout a suspect.
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Related categories 2 - US Scanner Frequency Database
Easy, fast searching for current and updated scanner and other radio frequencies by state, county or municipality. Complete trunking and talkgroup frequencies, transmitter maps, downloads and a forum.
Worldwide radio scanner frequency database and forums.
Live Marine Radio
Discussion of monitoring of Coast Guard and Navy signals. Live audio signals are supplied when available.
Live Scanner Listeners Club
Yahoo-based club for live scanner enthusiasts.
Police Scanner Feeds
Live Police, Fire & EMS scanner audio and frequencies for Indiana, IIinois, and Missouri
Radio Scanner Guide
With help for new scanning enthusiasts, including equipment reviews and recommendations, information for beginners, frequency guides, scanning tips and links.
Raleigh Scanner Audio/Video feed
Frequencies and live A/V feeds for the surrounding areas of Cary, Durham, Raleigh, and Apex, North Carolina.
Scanner Food
Scanner Frequencies, Codes, and Live Feeds for the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S
Suffolk County New York Police Scanner Feed
Live Police Scanner Feed From Suffolk County, New York
Wake County North Carolina Live Police, Fire/EMS Scanner
Streaming Live Police, Fire & EMS audio for Wake County - Raleigh area. Includes local frequencies, talkgroups, and chat.
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