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The Shortwave spectrum is regarded as the radio frequencies in the range from 1.8 to 30 mHz. International, or Regional Broadcasters sometimes use this range of frequencies to reach target audiences, but are correctly listed in Arts/International Broadcasters because broadcasting is a performing art, for the consumption of many. Listening to or monitoring such broadcasts and others such as utility, aircraft, marine, and military radio broadcasts by individuals is a radio-related, recreational hobby much like CB and Scanner listening. Monitoring activity, which is not restricted only to ShortWave frequencies, is often categorized in two ways, namely Short Wave Listening and DXing, or DX Listening. Short Wave Listening (SWL) is the casual and regular reception of International Broadcasters such as the BBC, Deutsche Welle, and Radio Canada International, among many others. They are easily heard by intended or target audience, through powerful shortwave transmitters, satellite broadcasts. DXing is the attempt to hear weak signals, signals that are for local audiences, but which may often be heard at further distances by listeners who use special equipment and antennas. Such listeners are often referred to as DXers who often also listen for weak signals outside the shortwave frequencies on the longwave and the mediumwave bands. Those extend from just over 0 kHz to 1.8 mHz. Information about longwave and mediumwave DXing is also found in the Shortwave category. Ham radio and CB, although within the Shortwave frequency spectrum, are considered separate activities, and in ODP, have their own categories. This is also true for scanning of radio services like police, fire and ambulance. by editor funk updated 2001.10.08
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The Annual Winter SWL Festival
Annual event sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, for shortwave; mediumwave (AM), scanning, satellite TV, and pirate broadcasting among the other topics. Held near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in March.
Directory and frequency listings of radio and television stations in South and Southeast Asia.
Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship
Details the activities of a group of enthusiasts who meet regularly to pursue interests in shortwave radio. Includes member photograph albums, activity dates, current propagation conditions and related links.
Coastal Radio
Worldwide marine and coastal radio information, including frequency lists, logs, and links to live audio.
Cobalt Pet Shortwave Web-Log
Shortwave reception reports, listening tips, product reviews, photos, and links
DX Antwerp
A Flemish association Of SWL enthusiasts. Features club information, photos, logs, and DX bulletins. [English]
Compendium of radio monitoring information, including general beginner's information, international broadcasting news, and resources to monitoring hobbyists of all stripes, including ham radio.
European Gospel Shortwave Radio
Shortwave Gospel radio resource with schedules, frequencies and links.
HFCC - High Frequency Co-ordination Committee
Co-ordinates transmission schedules of about 60 organizations from more than 30 countries.
IntervalSignal Database
Interval signals, jingles, and station announcements of national and international shortwave radio stations.
JB's DX Info
A resource page for Television, Longwave and Mediumwave DXers. Includes screen shots, DX audio clips, modifications, interference suppression techniques and related links.
KA3NRX Shortwave Radio Links
Links to shortwave radio stations around the world.
The Listening Post - Shortwave
Interactive web-controlled Drake R-8 allows 5 and 30 second live sound bites, details of last 25 frequencies selected by listeners, and information about tuning controls.
NW7US Amateur and Shortwave Radio Command Center
Contains amateur and short wave listener forums, propagation information, CW links and gallery of QSL cards.
On The Shortwaves
Devoted to the history of shortwave radio. Features early radio articles, book reviews, and other references for DXers and collectors.
The Overcomer
International broadcast of prophecy. Includes shortwave, satellite and live internet broadcasting.
Pals Radio Station Museum
Features the shortwave radio station 'Radio Liberty.' Includes photos and commentary.
Radio Portal
Interactive search engine for HAM radio operators and shortwave listeners. Offers information on all frequency ranges from VLF to UHF.
Shortwave Monitoring Station
Resource for SWL enthusiasts features information, reception tips, international broadcasting schedules, plus a QSL gallery, audio recordings, photos and links. [English, German and French]
Spy Centre
A resource for information about Shortwave Spy Number Stations.
U.S. Clandestine Radio Equipment
Peter McCollum presents a site dealing with American spy radio equipment.

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