This category is for radio clubs, listeners groups and organizations whose focus is on shortwave and DX listening hobbies at all frequencies.
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ANARC -- The Association of North American Radio Clubs
ANARC, is the umbrella organization of radio hobby clubs in North America. Our clubs cover DC to daylight.
A collection of DX listening resources from veteran DXer Risto Kotalampi includes breaking news and DX tips, Latin and Andean DX reports, Medium Wave DX, solar reports and antenna topics.
International Shortwave League
Membership is open to licensed amateurs, SWL's and affiliated radio clubs worldwide. Includes application form, contest information and country/prefix lists.
Medium Wave Circle
Europe-based DX club features club news, publications, equipment reviews and links.
North American Shortwave Association
Provides information about the oldest shortwave broadcast-only radio club. NASWA is a member club of ANARC, the Association of North American Radio Clubs.
Radio Enthusiast
Provides links to many aspects of radio listening as a hobby, including shortwave, AM and FM DX, scanners, programs and radio reading services. Also local Puget Sound area radio.
Shortwave Programs
Discussion list for information relating to shortwave listening and international broadcasting. Requires registration to participate.
Utility DXers Forum
Created to exchange utility radio related logs and information. Includes membership details.
World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs & Listeners
The main aim of WACRAL is to promote and spread, throughout the world, Christian Friendship and Fellowship through the medium of amateur radio and short wave listening.
Worldwide DX Club Weekly Top News
Featured weekly top DX news compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, with links to Worldwide DX Club home page and other services.

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