Recreation Trains and Railroads Rail-fanning and Train-spotting
Rail Fanning and Train Spotting are the recreational pastimes of people who collect or log detailed data or images of railways/roads and/or trains, using physical, electronic, or mental means. This category list sites which contain resources useful to trainspotters and rail fans, such as databases of locomotives, rolling stock or other records. Rail sites of a personal homepage nature, which do not contain such resources should be listed under /Recreation/Trains_and_Railroads/Personal_Pages/
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AbRail Rail Databases
Databases of all UK locomotives, multiple unit and coaching stock authorised for use on Network Rail.
Railfanning in the heart of Dixie. Includes CSX, NS, IC, BNSF and many shortlines.
Boston Line
Covering rail activity on CSX’s Boston line.
Individual locomotive history for all steam, diesel and electric locos running on Britains main railways from 1923 to 1997.
British Railways
A photographic journey along the Settle and Carlisle railway and historical railway information including locomotive and rolling stock observations at Chesterfield.
California Trains
Everything to do with trains in California. Includes photos, videos and maps.
Canadian Pacific Railway Diesel Roster
CPR locomotive roster and paint data.
Cape Cod Rails
Devoted to railfanning both near and far from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
The Central Jersey Railfan Page
Railfanning in New Jersey. Site includes timetables, pictures, and scanner frequencies.
Chicago Rail Junctions
An in-depth look at some busy rail crossings in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana.
Class 25 Action
Record of all known BR Class 25 hauled passenger trains, performance records and photographs of these locos in action.
Class 47s Around Southampton
Weekly updated pictures and archive showing the decline of Brush Class 47 around the Southampton area.
The Coast Line
Railroading and railfanning in the San Francisco area.
Colorado Railfan
Details of railfanning in Colorado.
Columbus Railfan
Photo gallery of railfanning in Columbus, Ohio. Also contains radio frequencies, maps and information on rail yards.
The Diesel Shop
Motive power rosters for several railways. Includes locomotive builders and leasers.
Dogcaught: Illustrations of Pacific Northwest Railroading
A weblog-style commentary on railroading in the Pacific Northwest, including motive power sightings and timely photographs.
Flickr: Disused Railways
Disused railways, tracks, platforms, empty stations, viaducts, bridges, tunnels. But no trains.
Flickr: GhostRails
Photos of railroads, railroad equipment, locomotives which are no longer being used.
UK rail enthusiast site, including timetables and photo galleries.
German Railway Signals
Description of German Railway signals, boards, and rules.
Gregarious Railfan
A list of railfan locations in the U.S. with descriptions and helpful facts of those locations. Approaching 200 locations described.
Indian Railways Fans Page
Details about Indian Railways for enthusiasts.
John's Alaska Railroad Page
Focus is on railroading in the state of Alaska.
UK train spotting database allowing train spotters to store sessions and sightings on the internet.
Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern Rail
Railfan photos and information from the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.
Covers the Cumberland Subdivision to Brunswick, MD, the Keystone Subdivision to Connellsville, PA, and the Mountain Subdivision to Grafton, WV.
New Brunswick Railways
Rail operations around New Brunswick, Canada.
Niagara Rails
Railfanning information with a focus on the Niagara and southern Ontario region.
North East Coastliners
‘Coastliners’ is a Rail User group representing users and friends of the Durham Coast railway line.
Photos, audio, and video of trains from many of the major freight railroads and tourist lines in the United States.
The Port of Tillamook Bay Railfan's Guide
A complete guide for railfans visiting this Oregon Coast shortline. Topics include locomotive and car rosters, galleries, videos, history, and maps.
Online railroad video database with a discussion forum.
Railfan Guides of the U.S.
System and other interesting maps. Images and information for rail enthusiasts in the US.
The Railfan Network
Forums, photos and links for rail enthusiasts.
Railfan Pennsylvania
Contemporary railfan information for railroads in and around the state of Pennsylvania.
Detailed reviews of the best safe and legal train watching locations in the United States.
Railfanning Halifax
Information about the current railfan scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
US based railfan site. Includes railroad news, history and general features.
Site for Romanian train spotters.
Information on railways in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and international locations.
Railroad Signals of the U.S.
Images and information about rail signals in the US.
Blog containing information on train operations and local railfan watch spots.
Discussion forum and photo gallery for railroaders, railfans and anyone else who is interested in railroads.
Live railroad scanner radio feeds and discussion forums from the US and Canada.
Railscanning In Toronto
A guide to listening in on Toronto area railways.
Railway Adventures
All about railways around the UK. Full of video clips, news and an event timetable. Features steam and diesel trains, narrow gauge and standard gauge, mainline and heritage railways.
Railyard Productions
Rail fans posting on Youtube. Runs Steam Excursions and other railroad related events. Owosso, Michigan.
RTP Railfan
Contains photography and video of interest to railfans as well as maps to show locations.
Information on railroads in Southern New Jersey. Contains maps, schedules, and photos.
Southern Railfan
Information on Southern Railway, including history, photos and equipment rosters.
St. Louis Railfanning
Railfan guide to St. Louis, MO. Photographs and hot spots. Diesel locomotive production statistics from ALCo, EMD and GE.
Steam Sounds Supreme
Downloadable recordings of steam hauled trains on main line and preserved railways in the UK.
Steamsounds AU
Steam train sounds from Australia and overseas.
Pictures and information about subway trains.
Train Orders
Railfan site including photographs, discussion forums, live chat and multimedia clips.
Message boards and discussion forums for all facets of railroading.
A social media network for people who love trains and railways.
Site examining steam, preserved and heritage railways in the United Kingdom.
The Unofficial Soo Line Diesel Roster
Information about 888 diesel locomotives from the Soo Line roster.
This site keeps track of logging movements, additions to or reinstatements from storage, disposals.
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