Genuine Ecotourism is environmentally sustainable and conservation supporting travel which supports conservation and benefits the local community. Ecotourism is the practice of touring natural habitats in a manner meant to minimize ecological impact. It is tourism that benefits rather than exploits the natural and human environments in areas visited. It is active rather than passive, emphasizing cultural exchange rather than mere sightseeing. It is value-driven, as opposed to ordinary tourism, which is profit-driven.
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Basecamp Explorer
Showcases worldwide destinations and philosophy. Includes terms and conditions, and contact details.
Crooked Trails
Non-profit, community-based travel organization promoting study tours, and village-based cultural exchanges with indigenous peoples in South America, Asia, and Kenya.
Cross Cultural Journeys
Offers travel opportunities for individuals and groups seeking personal and global awareness.
Dolphin Charters
Rates and schedules for small group wildlife and photography cruises in southeast Alaska, California, Baja, British Columbia, Mexico, the Galapagos and San Francisco.
Footloose Forays
Selection of small group educational trips into the natural world, from day trips to three week adventures.
Green Travel Network
Yahoo groups forum with focus on sustainable tourism.
Greentours Natural History Holidays
UK based company offers worldwide natural history tours.
International Wildlife Adventures
Offering trips around the world to observe and photograph animals. Led by professional photographers and naturalists.
Journeys International, Inc.
With more than 300 eco-trips to 45 worldwide destinations for nature and culture explorations.
Kalahari Management Inc.
Information and consultancy for the ecotourism industry.
Natural World Safaris
Presents destination and accommodation options, suggested itineraries, terms and conditions, and contact details.
Selection of international tours, treks and cruises guided by British naturalists.
New Jersey Audubon Society
Information on North American and International Eco-tours focused on birds and other wildlife.
One World Journeys
Offering expeditions dedicated to connecting people with the planet. Includes schedules, past journeys, and environmental articles.
Virtual library archiving more than 8,000 pages about ecotourism and conservation. Includes contacts and bibliographies.
Reef and Rainforest
Offers educational family adventure holidays worldwide.
Sustainable Travel International
Non-profit organization that supports and promotes ecotourism, through education and outreach. Includes employment opportunities and programs.
Tours of Exploration
Offers soft adventure, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, natural history, culture, and ecotourism programs worldwide
Voyage of the Wanderbird
Operates long distance sailing cruises that provide informal education and interactive wildlife research projects.
Wildspace Expeditions
Personalised Indian and African wildlife tours catering to small private groups.
WildWatch Tours
Offer escorted wildlife and photographic tours. Includes destination information, guide profile, and enquiry form.
Worlds Together Travel Network
Immersion travel and cultural opportunities in Jamaica, Dominica Republic, Belize, and Egypt. Includes destination information and trip reports.

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