Etymology is the study of the origin of words.
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Altaic Etymology
Online database version of the Altaic Etymological Dictionary by S. Starostin, A. Dybo and O. Mudrak.
American Dialect Society
A scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language in North America.
Clich├ęs and Expressions Origins
English language terms and expressions.
A Comparative Dictionary of Indo-Aryan Languages
Online version of the indexes of R.L. Turner's 1962-1985 dictionary from the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia.
Dave Wilton's Etymology Page
Devoted to etymology of common words and slang phrases.
Etymologically Speaking
A list of some curious word origins.
Word origins and links.
Erudite blog on word origins and definitions, with dozens of links to dictionaries, commentaries, linguistic reference sites, and personal favorites of the author.
The game of grammar, semantics, and etymology. Play online the game that investigates the history and meaning of English words.
Online Etymology Dictionary
History and evolution of more than 30,000 words, including slang and technical terms.
The Phrase Finder
The meanings and origins of thousands of English phrases and sayings. Also includes a discussion forum to ask a panel questions on the meaning and origin of phrases.
A reference for Greek, Latin, and other roots of the English language to help you better understand English, improve your vocabulary, score better on tests, and create new words such as for brand names. Also has free online vocabulary games.
Richard Lederer's Verbivore
Linguistic fun from, Richard Lederer, the best-selling author of The Word Circus and the new Sleeping Dogs Don't Lay, a helpful guide for grappling with vexing grammar questions.
Take Our Word for It
Weekly etymology magazine.
The Word Detective
Words and language in a humorous vein. The online version of The Word Detective, a newspaper column answering readers' questions about words and language. Written by Evan Morris.
Word Quests for Word Seekers
Searchable dictionary of word origins, organized in cross-referenced thematic lists by Latin and/or Greek roots. English entries are also defined.
Word Spy
Collection of recently coined words, existing words that have enjoyed a recent Renaissance, and older words that are now being used in new ways.
Words with Heathen Origins in the Scriptures
An etymological study of numerous words used in churches and Scriptures that have their origin in pagan religions.
World Wide Words
Michael Quinion writes about International English from a British viewpoint. Hundreds of pages on the history, origins, evolution and idiosyncrasies of English, with features on new words and words in the news.
WyzAnt: Etymology
Includes a searchable database of Latin and Greek roots and affixes, a free newsletter, and links to other sites.
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