This category lists non-commercial online dictionaries and glossaries of Japanese with English interfaces, compare Japanese interfaces under the World: Japanese: 各種資料 [various data]: 辞書・事典 [dictionaries and encyclopedias] category below. Many free dictionaries of Japanese are based upon Jim Breen’s voluntary EDICT (Japanese-English Dictionary) Project . Besides the freely-available EDICT Japanese dictionary file, which was compiled through the Internet and currently includes 110,000 entries, there are related files, such as KANJIDIC and KANJD212 with kanji characters, and JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) with French and German entries, collectively containing over 550,000 entries. While any graphical browser can show Japanese characters on Websites using GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) or PNG (Portable Network Graphics) bitmap images, some sites require support for double-byte fonts, either JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), SJIS (Windows), EUC (Extended Unix Code), or UTF-8 (Unicode). For details, see Computers: Software: Globalization: Language Specific: CJKV: Japanese .
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Basic Terms of Shinto
Kokugakuin University’s hyperlinked version of a 1958 illustrated Japanese-English dictionary.
CJKV-English Dictionary
Charles Muller’s database of CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) characters and compounds related to East Asian cultural, political, and intellectual history. (UTF-8)
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
Charles Muller's dictionary of terms and names found in Buddhist canonical sources, updated on user contributions. (UTF-8)
Glossary of Japanese Theatre Terms
Beta version of theatrical glossary. (UTF-8)
JAANUS (Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System)
Glossary compiled by Mary Neighbour Parent, with alphabetical index and keyword search. (SJIS)
jeKai Japanese-English dictionary
Tom Gally’s ongoing project to build a free, open Japanese-English dictionary with translation equivalents, illustrations, and examples. (SJIS)
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
Monash University's interface for all EDICT Project dictionary files. Kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese, text or URL word glossing, kanji stroke order diagrams, example sentences, plus handwritten and cell phone interfaces. (SJIS, EUC, UTF-8)
A free resource that lets users check whether or not Japanese kanji are joyo (common use).
Kanji Dictionaries for Learning Japanese
The Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society’s site for NTC/Kenkyusha’s New Japanese-English Character Dictionary and The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary. (GIF)
EDICT server with Japanese or English word search. (SJIS)
Kiki's Kanji Dictionary
Stephen Ryner’s KANJIDIC server with radical-indexed kanji Japanese to English, and clickable kanji hyperlinks. (SJIS)
Nihongo Resources Dictionaries
EDICT and KANJIDIC server with auto-detection of English and kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese input. Allows wildcard searches. (EUC)
Nihongodict English-Japanese Dictionary
EDICT interface with romaji-English and English-Japanese allows fuzzy searching and search suggestions. (UTF-8)
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary
JavaScript EDICT server from with romanized Japanese to English and English to romanized Japanese. (GIF)
Online English-Japanese Dictionaries
Free Light Software’s glossaries of geography and travel, history and traditions, manga and video games, and politics and media. (GIF)
Todd David Rudick’s EDICT server with JavaScript mouseover dictionary tools in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Read text or Web pages with pop-up readings and translations. (EUC)
English-Japanese dictionary with example sentences, custom vocabulary lists, stroke order diagrams, conjugation, multi-radical search, and rōmaji and furigana support. Based on JMdict.
Websaru Dictionary
Searchable online dictionary service, English to Japanese and Japanese to English with bilingual examples and translate tool.
Your Name in Japanese
Converts foreign names into Japanese kana, with seven different graphic styles, using Philip A. Ronan’s dictionary file with 3,700 names. (PNG)

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