This category covers financial aid for college. Financial aid comes in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work programs. All fee services (sites which provide the majority of its services for a fee or whose primary business is selling material on how to obtain aid) should be placed in the Fee Services category.
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FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
Dedicated to providing objective guidance on financial aid to students and parents.
Adventures In Education
Texas Guaranteed's educational web site for parents, students, and high school counselors
AFSA - Essay Contest
National HS Essay Contest is open to all High School students whose parents are not in the US Foreign Service. Deadline is April 15.
American Educational Services
Guarantor and lender providing schools with a single point of service from the application process, through the conclusion of a successful repayment period.
Apply for a Grant - ED.Gov
Department of Education guide to information on how to apply for an ED grant.
Avoiding Scams | Federal Student Aid
Tips on avoiding scams while searching for scholarships, filling out the FAFSA, and giving personal information to schools and lenders.
College Funding Solutions, Inc.
Scholarship, college prep and admission application strategies for high school students and parents.
College Savings Plans Network
Source for state-operated college savings programs. These programs, directed by non-profit state organizations, offer tremendous tax benefits to families.
Providing insight articles and tools for financial aid, scholarships and student loans by type.
Information and resources for scholarship and aid programs.
CSAC - California Student Aid Commission
Providing financial aid to California students pursuing higher education.
Direct Consolidation Loan Application |
Official Federal loan consolidation application page from the Department of Education featuring a three-step process. Includes tips, rates applying for a PIN and e-signing Promissory Notes.
The Education Plan
529 college savings program that allows families to save for future higher education tuition on a tax-deferred basis.
Learn about financial aid, search for the lowest student loan rates, compare lenders and apply on-line
FAFSA on the Web
Electronically submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All students interested in financial aid for college will need to complete this form.
Federal Pell Grant Program -
Provides information and resources for Federal Pell Grant eligibility, funding status, laws, regulations and guidance.
Federal Student Financial Aid
The official home page for the federal student aid programs administered by the US Department of Education.
Lists current U. S. federal government assistance programs benefiting students.
Financial Aid Facts
Lists types of student aid, award letter information, scholarships, loan insight and resources.
Financial Aid for Lifelong Learning
Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name dealing with financial aid for non-traditional students. [PDF]
Provides scholarship listings, financial aid information and resources for sweepstakes, grants, fellowships and contests.
Fisher House Foundation Scholarship Programs
Offers student aid and scholarship opportunities for military personnel and their dependents.
Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships
Michigan State University Library page providing students with up-to-date information on scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards and internships in the arts and sciences.
Open solution software assists in managing student loan data through portfolio navigator.
Home Equity Loans in Financial Aid Packages
Guide for families utilizing home equity as a part of a student financial aid.
How Minority Students Finance Their Higher Education
Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name which looks at how minority students finance their educations. [PDF]
Howstuffworks-Applying for Financial Aid Library
Detailed articles inform and report on multiple stages of the application processes including loan repayment.
Students and recent graduate services for personal finance, budgeting, finalcial aid counseling including a loan exit counselor.
Imagine America Foundation
Offers scholarships, awards, individual and school sponsorships, career development and research support for career schools. Founded in 1982.
Jewish Educational Loan Fund
Educational loans to qualifying Jewish students from Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.
Karla Scherer Foundation
Offering a scholarship and aid available exclusively to female students majoring only in finance or economics with plans for a corporate business career in the private sector.
Loans for Health Professions Students |
HRSA provides financial aid for students and professionals, through its various bureaus and programs.
Mapping Your Future
Preparing and paying for college from Middle School through Non-Traditional Students. Excellent Student Loan Counseling interactive tools.
The Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a professional association providing administration and support for student aid.
Money For College -
Offers scholarships and grants to eligible students.
NASFAA - National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Offers a financial aid encyclopedia, career center and learning sections for college students and parents.
National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs is dedicated to the promotion, strengthening and increased disbursment of state grant and aid programs to become available for all students in the U.S.
Nationally Coveted College Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships
Searchable sources of financial aid for undergraduate and graduate students.
North Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is a professional association offering training and development of financial aid officers in North Carolina.
The NEA Foundation
Grants for students, teachers, and employees for professional development, teacher retention, arts education, and improving achievement for minority students. Describes each program's requirements and provides publications of research.
The New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association, Inc offers financial aid Adminstrators, and the families they serve, free student aid planning and guidance.
Other Sources of Student Aid |
Lists alternatives for student financial aid.
Paying for College - Bigfuture By The College Board
Explains financial aid, scholarships, the FAFSA and steps to find additional funds for school.
Pickett & Hatcher Educational Fund, Inc.
A nonprofit, noncommercial foundation helping college students through private loans since 1938.
Postsecondary Financial Aid for American Indians and Alaska Natives
Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name which examines financial aid options for American Indians and natives of Alaska. [PDF]
Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators consists of over 1,200 professionals in nine states, offering newsletters, conferences, training and regular public updates on legislative concerns.
College savings plan offered by the State of California. TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc. is the plan manager.
Sophie's Silver Lining Fund
UK based site existing to help needy young artists with their training in acting or singing.
Student Aid on the Web
U.S. Department of Education's official page for information about grants, loans, work-study, and tax credits for education and how to apply for them.
Student Financial Aid in the United States
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, details U.S. financial aid processes and types with current resources.
Student Loan - Wikipedia
Explains types of student loans offered in the United States.
Student Loan Borrower Assistance
National Consumer Law Center project resource for borrowers, including a step-by-step guide to determine a strategy to solve loan problems. Features news and updates about loan cancellation, repayment, default, delinquency and rehabilitation.
U.S. Department of Education site explaining how to view Federal student loan documents, entrance counseling and how to sign promissory notes. Includes tools for applying for a PIN, My Financial Aid History and repayment guidance.
Information on scholarships, college admissions and financial aid. Also feature tips for school admission essays and interviews.
Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
Provides information for students on how to apply for financial aid from The Buffett Foundation.
Tax Breaks for Higher Education
A guide to the variety of tax breaks available to make higher education more affordable.
The U.S. Department of Education and Student Financial Aid for Distance Education: An Update
Full-text of the ERIC Digest of this name which examines US federal financial aid assistance for distance education students. [PDF]
U.S. National Science Foundation - Funding Finder
Database of student aid, grant and scholarship programs for undergraduates, graduates and Postdoctoral fellows.
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
Scholarship aid from the foundation supports United Methodist students attending United Methodist-related institutions.
US News and World Report - Paying for College
Get information on financial aid and discover ways to pay for college. Find tools for comparing costs, a scholarship search and "best value" schools. Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid for Citizens
Get official information on grants, loans, financial aid, and other benefits from the U.S. government.
Virginia Association of Financial Aid Administrators
Resource for financial aid professionals, students and families in Virginia.
Articles and resources for scholarships, grants, tuition information and student loans.

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