Unschooling is an educational philosophy based on the idea that children are natural learners, not needing to be led or filled with information, but learning best when they study what interests them in their own way and at their own pace. Unschooling involves letting a child choose when, how, and if to learn a specific topic. It is providing an atmosphere rich in resources, then letting the child learn what she chooses and needs to learn for her own life. As a general rule, unschoolers are homeschoolers, but not all homeschoolers are unschoolers. The main qualifier is whether education is parent-directed or child-directed (unschooling).
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Alternative-Learning Org
Advocating alternatives to compulsory schooling.
Can a Christian Be an Unschooler?
A rebuttal by Patrick Farenga to Mary Hood's assertion that Christianity and unschooling don't mesh.
Family Unschoolers Network
Newsletter articles, reviews, resources, and message boards.
Journey Into Unschooling
Blog chronicling the learning activities and projects of an unschooling family across all subjects. Also includes reviews of materials used.
Life Learning
Information and resources related to homeschooling and unschooling including crafts and self-led learning activities for kids, support and discussion for families applying unschooling principles. Additional weblog-style information on recipes, natural living and attachment parenting.
Not Back To School Camp
An annual camp for unschooled teens in Oregon. Sports, vegetarian meals, workshops, and unschooled activities.
Radical Unschooling
Unschool parent Sandra Dodd's essays on her experiences, how people learn, and related topics, with links to other resources.
Unschooling America
Dayna Martin shares her weblog, articles, and chats about her educational philosophy and attachment parenting
Unschooling or Homeschooling: What's the Difference?
Gail Withrow explains the difference between unschooling and homeschooling. Unschooling is letting the child lead and control her own education. With homeschooling the ultimate control and responsibility for education rests with the parents, not with the child.
Unschooling Sermon
A definition of unschooling from the pulpit of Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church.
What God Thinks about Unschooling
Harvey Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit argues that unschooling is incompatible with Christianity.
What Is Unschooling?
In this Home Education Learning Magazine essay, Karen Gibson explains unschooling as trusting that your child will learn what he needs to know for his own life, in his own time frame.
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