Contains museums whose primary focus is on the collection and exhibition of archaeological artifacts and excavations concerned with Egyptology.
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The Egyptian Museum
Official site for the museum in Cairo, which houses over 120,000 objects, including the mummies of Egyptian pharoahs, sarcophagi, sculptures, furniture and personal effects.
Ashmolean Museum Department of Antiquities
Includes some famous ancient Egyptian pieces. Located in Oxford, England.
The British Museum: The Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan
Has the largest collection of ancient Egyptian material outside Cairo. Exhibitions, research, fieldwork, collections. Located in London.
Brooklyn Museum
General information and presentation of special collections of Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Middle Eastern Art.
Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection
Provides images of objects from the collection with explanatory texts. Located in Berlin. Includes visitor's and contact information.
Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino
Dedicated to Egyptian art and culture in Turin Italy, second in importance after the Cairo Museum with some 6,500 objects on view.
The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
A part of the Department of Art at the University of Memphis. Devoted to community education, the institute houses over 150 Egyptian antiquities, including mummies, funerary equipment and objects of everyday life. Several are available for online viewing.
Michael C. Carlos Museum: Ancient Egyptian Art
Online sample of the permanent collection of the MCCM at Emory University.
Museo Barracco
Collection from different periods of Egyptian art. Images and explanatory texts. Located in Rome. [English, Italian, French, Spanish]
Oriental Institute Museum
From the University of Chicago, this ancient Near East collection includes an Egyptian gallery.
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Houses about 80,000 objects, many of which were collected by Professor William Flinders Petrie in his excavations. Includes hours, directions and contact information. Located in University College London.

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